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Wood doors, as a larger category in the home furnishing industry, have become more and more mature in recent years. However, in the face of the selection of wood door types, the difference between T-shaped doors and flat doors of wood door manufacturers [Meike wood doors]

wood doors, as a larger category in the home furnishing industry, have become more and more mature in recent years. However, when facing the selection of wood door types, many consumers still have many doubts, so for the two types of wood doors that are common in the market, How should we choose the T-shaped door and the flat door

first, there are differences in appearance design. From the horizontal side of the door leaf, the traditional flat door is square, and there is a 3mm gap between the door leaf and the door frame; The door leaf of T-shaped door is a capital "t". The door leaf and door pocket adopt double tooth structure, which is closely occluded, and combined with special sealing strip, its privacy and sound insulation effect are several times higher than that of ordinary flat door. The design of T-shaped door was inspired by Germany during World War II, when people suffered from cold wind and gunfire, so the door style was changed to reduce the impact of harsh environment on life. After the war, this T-shaped door with good performance in sound insulation, sealing and heat preservation was widely promoted. Until today, the heat is still not reduced, especially the wooden doors and wooden door furniture produced by Foshan Meike wooden door manufacturer, whose products are greatly favored by consumers

secondly, there are differences in material between the two. On the core material, the common flat doors in the market are mainly filled with density board, particleboard, honeycomb paper, etc., and some even have no filler at all. Such wooden doors have poor surface flatness, are not resistant to impact, and are very easy to bend and deform. The T-shaped door mining not only has excellent characteristics such as strong sealing, good stability and not easy to deform, but also environmental protection. The formaldehyde emission is less than 0.5mg/l, reaching the domestic high environmental protection standard. In terms of decorative materials, Dutra surface material imported from Germany on the surface of T-shaped door has considerable scratch resistance and flame retardancy, while the surface of flat door is mostly made of PVC and PVT, which is not only not scratch resistant, but also easy to leave obvious traces and affect the appearance

then, it is about the comparison of the two manufacturing processes. Flat door technology is simple, and the equipment requirements are not high, so there are many small door factories in China, which produce in batch, and the product quality is not strictly controlled. Due to the complexity of T-shaped door process, it must have T-shaped mouth professional equipment, requiring enterprises to invest a large amount of equipment funds. In terms of hardware accessories, T-shaped doors also have almost perfect requirements

through the above three comparisons, I believe that consumer friends have a clear idea of what kind of wooden door to buy. Foshan Meike wooden door manufacturer hopes you can buy the desired wooden door with high quality, good material and fine workmanship

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