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Vacuum cleaners are familiar small household appliances. In the past, vacuum cleaners purchased by people were easy to produce secondary pollution when vacuuming at home. That is, when inhaling sundries, it also inhales a large amount of dust, in which small particles of dust will easily pass through the filter cloth, filter and the connecting surface between the filter cloth, filter and the body and enter the environment again under the action of wind, resulting in secondary pollution indoors, and this pollution source is very harmful to people. In recent years, some manufacturers have also realized the harmfulness of these problems and continue to seek solutions. These manufacturers are constantly improving filters, adding a large amount of activated carbon and increasing layers. Some manufacturers even filter the exhaust end through water to overcome the problem of secondary pollution. But what is often ignored is the sealing problem of the connection between some filter devices and the body this time. At present, countries such as Europe, America and Japan have begun to use the on-site glue sealing technology to prevent the sealing of these contact surfaces, and its effect is very good. China has also begun to pay attention to this on-site glue sealing technology, and I believe it will be used soon

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