Stars decorate luxury houses are also wrangling

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◆ Liu Zi: be willing to be a chrysanthemum for the house location: greenside community

downtown features: file a lawsuit with the developer

attention: ★★★★

downtown incident: it is reported that Liu Zi spent more than 2million yuan to buy a refined decoration commercial house in greenside community in August 2003. In January, 2005, Liu Zi found many construction and decoration quality problems, as well as hot water, reclaimed water and other problems during house inspection, which made it impossible to accept. At that time, the property management company promised to rectify it as soon as possible. When Liu Zi went to the house again on February 9, not only the original problems were not improved, but also a large area of wall and floor seepage and wall peeling occurred in the bedroom on the first floor; The floor and wall of the toilet are moldy and hairy; There are many serious problems such as local ground hairiness in the living room. On May 19, she came to the house again and saw that the floor of the bedroom on the first floor had been prized up because it had been soaked in water for a long time; There are still many water leaks on the wall of the bedroom. In July, 2005, Liu Zi filed a lawsuit with the people's Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing, and Liu Zi and his agent presented a video taken by the notary office to the court. Facing the difficult lawsuit, Liu Zi said: even if I am a chrysanthemum, I will be it to the end

stars are also human beings. When they encounter unscrupulous developers, the key is to show evidence and be reasonable in court. Liu Zi set an example for us. It takes a lot of courage to fight against bad behavior. Let's cheer for Liu Zi, an autumn chrysanthemum

the picture shows star Liu Zi




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