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The upstairs residents are decorated, dividing a house into 9 rooms, each with a separate bathroom. Seeing this decoration pattern, the downstairs residents are very worried. Recently, uncle Shu, who lives in No. 140 Dongshan Avenue, asked for help, saying that the practices of the upstairs residents have hidden dangers in safety, fire protection and other aspects, but he did not know what to do

decoration site: one house is changed to nine rooms with toilets

uncle Shu is 70 years old and lives on the 9th floor of a residential building at No. 140 Dongshan Avenue. After retirement, the old couple lived a flat and comfortable life. However, recently, because the upstairs neighbor wanted to turn the house into a rental house for rent, one house was changed to 9 rooms, and this decoration pattern made the old couple unable to sleep. "The 200 square meter house is divided into nine rooms, and each room has a separate bathroom. There must be problems with the water." Uncle Shu said that he was born in decoration and knew the importance of water. The separate sewers of these nine houses are collected from the interior to the bathroom, and then flow into the main sewer, which is easy to be blocked

on March 12, accompanied by Uncle Shu, the reporter went to the household upstairs and saw two hydropower workers busy laying indoor sewer pipes with a diameter of 110 mm. The reporter noted that the nine rooms have toilets of different sizes, and the aisle of the nine rooms is very narrow, about 60 cm wide. Liu Xingshui electrician, who is laying indoor sewer pipes, said that the direction of indoor sewer pipes has a certain slope, and there should be no problem of poor water flow and blockage of sewers that uncle Shu is worried about. But Liu's explanation did not let uncle Shu feel relieved

uncle Shu said that he and his wife can't sleep every night now. Sometimes they dream that their house leaks because of the upstairs residents, "I don't know who should take care of it"





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