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This time, Shiyou flooring won the title of "2014 top ten most influential Chinese flooring brands", which will encourage Shiyou to continue to develop. Shiyou will make 100% efforts to create a better flooring

details make brands, quality makes excellence, and environmental protection and safety flooring is the key to the success of Shiyou flooring, which is also an important reason why Shiyou flooring has always been loved by consumers

it is reported that Shiyou flooring won the honors of "top ten most influential Chinese flooring brands in 2014" and "top ten Chinese flooring brands most loved by consumers"

it is understood that the top ten most influential Chinese flooring brands in 2014 represent the "resounding" brands in the flooring industry. After nearly 30 years of development, at a time of serious polarization, brands are still an important factor affecting the development and growth of enterprises and the future development direction of the industry, The industry and consumers have highly recognized and supported the selection of "China's top ten flooring brands and China's top ten flooring brands"

Shiyou flooring: quality starts with details

as a leading enterprise in the quality of China's flooring industry, Shiyou flooring has regarded quality as the foundation of the enterprise since its establishment. The core of wood floor quality is stability, and the moisture content is the killer mace to control the stability of the floor. Only by carrying out the moisture content slice inspection, can we comprehensively control the stability of the floor. Adhering to the quality principle of "quality starts with details", Shiyou not only manually inspects the moisture content of each floor, but also studies the moisture content values of hundreds of kinds of wood, accurately controls the moisture content of the floor, and ensures that the moisture content of each floor can meet the local moisture content requirements

technology creates advantages and excellent quality achievements

Shiyou flooring attaches great importance to the development and innovation of technology. It is reported that Shiyou flooring has successively carried out industry university research cooperation with scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of forestry, Nanjing Forestry University, South China Agricultural University, Zhejiang agricultural and Forestry University. It has declared hundreds of patents (including the United States and the European Union) and obtained invention patents for many times

the titanium crystal surface full-automatic paint coating line technology completely solves the problems of easy scratching, easy wear and poor impact resistance of the traditional solid wood floor, and the physical and chemical performance indicators of the paint film fully reach the international top grade. The technology of 3D full-automatic pad printing coating line is the production line with the most complete process and the highest degree of automation in China. It is the tireless pursuit of Shiyou flooring for science and technology that has achieved the excellent quality of Shiyou flooring

the health of wood flooring is for our ancestors, "net aldehyde E0" is only for health

with the improvement of living standards, health and environmental protection have become the mainstream cognition of society, and the formaldehyde content in the home environment has also attracted more and more attention. Formaldehyde emission is an important indicator to determine the environmental protection performance of the floor. The less formaldehyde emission means that the floor is more environmentally friendly and healthier for the human body. In the context of the overall environment, the launch of Shiyou "net aldehyde E0" clearly defines the new standard of environmental friendly and healthy solid wood composite flooring, provides convenience for consumers to choose and buy, no longer entangles in the worry of formaldehyde content, seizes the commanding height of environmental protection in the field of solid wood composite flooring, and seizes the right to speak in the industry

Shiyou flooring is a good partner for your home, creating an environment-friendly, safe and healthy home life for you. It is made of logs, with zero formaldehyde release, and is responsible for your health




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