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Faced with many aluminum alloy door and window brands, dealers are usually confused but at a loss: the threshold for selecting "big brands" is high, and the competition among dealers is also fierce, with few opportunities. The "brand selection" here does not simply mean what brand to choose, but also includes what kind of company to choose and what kind of goods to buy

first, whether the commodity is applicable

whether aluminum alloy doors and windows can be made in shopping malls depends on the "two forces": Commodity force and promotion force. The commodity power depends on the manufacturers of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the promotion power is mainly based on the dealers of regional shopping malls, supplemented by the promotion assistance of the manufacturers

second, whether the business philosophy is in harmony

this is ignored by many dealers, resulting in many contradictions with manufacturers in the later cooperation. You know, the conflict in concept is the most difficult and harmonious, which will directly lead to the conflict in behavior

III. brand influence of the company

most dealers expect to be close to a "big brand" when selecting aluminum alloy doors and windows. However, the threshold of "big brand" is too high. If dealers have the opportunity, strength and ability to choose "big brands", it is certainly good, which can effectively reduce the intensity of commodity mall development

IV. is the promotion form scientific

in the promotion, we have always adhered to the concept that finding the right form will get twice the result with half the effort. As for the aluminum alloy door and window industry, the imagination of commodity homogenization is relatively serious, which determines that the commodity power is similar. The key to successful promotion depends on the promotion power. In this case, the competition between companies is essentially a competition in the form of business, especially in the form of promotion. Therefore, dealers should discuss whether the promotion form is scientific and reasonable, and whether it is in line with the reality of local shopping malls

v. late promotion assistance

the promotion of aluminum alloy doors and windows can be summarized into such a formula: successful promotion = commodity power + dealer's promotion power + manufacturer's promotion power. During the investment invitation period, many aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers will come up with many policies and make many promises

VI. is the service system sound?

for aluminum alloy doors and windows, if you leave the useful service support, aluminum alloy doors and windows will become "semi-finished products". Therefore, dealers can not do business without the manufacturer's sound service system and the necessary service policy support

VII. Success stories of shopping malls

as for the investment attraction of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the investment attraction can be mainly divided into the following three situations: the first investment attraction of new commodities, the investment attraction of blank shopping malls of old commodities, and the resumption of investment attraction of commodity shopping malls. New products attract investment for the first time, and the commodity power may be better and more powerful; However, due to the lack of business foundation, business education is needed. The old commodities are blank in shopping malls, and the commodities have experienced forms in shopping malls, but the commodities may be aging, and the commodity power may be relatively passive




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