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Logistics division intermediate examination question bank

selected logistics intermediate short answer questions

01 Briefly describe the composition of logistics system and strengthen the research principles of forward-looking, strategic and long-term issues

02. What is the difference between a logistics center and a distribution center

03. What is enterprise strategy

04. Which stages does the design process of logistics information system include

05. What factors should be considered in the design of transportation and distribution system

06. What is the role of the transportation and distribution system

07. What is the silver carp effect? What is its essence

08. What are the main contents of customer satisfaction strategy

09. What is an automatic replenishment system

10. What is the basic concept of international freight forwarder? What is the basic concept of introducing Haier's new materials into the fields of electronics, automobile, construction and so on

11. What are the types of international freight insurance

12. What are the factors that affect the economic order quantity? What is the relationship between economic order quantity and total annual cost

13. What are the main ways of risk identification

14. Briefly describe the development direction of the third party logistics

15. What is enterprise logistics? What are the types of enterprise logistics

16. A brief introduction to the production planning system of enterprises and the comparison of its characteristics

17. Briefly describe the meaning of conceptual plan, detailed plan and rolling plan

18. Briefly describe the main service forms of third-party logistics

19. Briefly describe the difference between enterprise logistics and modern enterprise logistics

20. Briefly describe the contents of SWOT analysis

21. Briefly describe the objectives of the logistics execution plan

22. What is the content of logistics system planning

23. What factors affect the location of logistics nodes

24. When planning the logistics system, what should be included in the investigation of the environmental data of the existing logistics system

25. What are the basic contents of multimodal transport documents and the freight structure of multimodal transport

26. What are the main components of the automatic sorting system

27. How many hierarchies does a complete logistics information system package include according to requirements

28. Logistics projects have different characteristics from general projects. What are the main aspects

29. What are the main contents of the project proposal

30. What are the similarities and differences between traditional supply chain management and modern supply chain management

31. What are the seven elements of the service marketing mix, that is, the so-called 7p's

32. What are the three main basic types of marine cargo insurance? In addition to the basic insurance, what insurance can the shipper take out

33. What is cooperation? What are the functions of cooperation

34. Please list at least four types of goods. If you have any requirements, you can contact us at any time

35. What are the termination methods for the project

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