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LOGO! Control the glue heater

if the sample passes through the e-point, it cannot be restored to the original state. Dynamic heating

m lapping steel precision and other ISI face the market tuyere of recyclable and degradable packaging materials. The esselte factory of ssauga produces office products for document management. In order to produce foldable folders, the glue must be heated. LOGO! It is used to control the glue heater and can save a lot

esselte introduces LOGO!, Because it is cheaper than the scheme with relay and timer. The glue heater is usually started 30 minutes before the start of the movement and turned off at the end of the movement. The first input is connected to the on-off switch to start the device. The heating time can be set by using a seven day timer switch. Operators this product can directly start working by using LCD displays such as large TV sets, smart and tablet computer terminals, which will reduce downtime and timeout

if the operator uses a manual switch to start the device, in order to ensure that the device is turned off at night, another seven day time switch sends a pulse signal to turn off the machine at midnight. This also increases security. The heating system can only be started during movement, and the system will be automatically turned off at night. Therefore, there is no longer the problem that operators forget to turn off the heater. It is also convenient to change the heating time. LOGO! The use of has significantly reduced labor costs. The glue takes 30 minutes to heat, and the heating process is completed when the movement starts

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