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Lesson 9 circular arc interpolation G02, G03 instructions

format: G02 x__ Z__ I__ K__ F or G02 x__ Z__ R__ F

G03 X__ Z__ I__ K__ F or G03 x__ Z__ R__ F

function: the circle fully implements the dynamic management of "in and out" arc interpolation g02/g03, which is distinguished in the processing plane according to the clockwise/counterclockwise rotation direction during interpolation. The determination of the processing plane depends on the direction of the observer, that is, the direction of the Y axis. Figure 1-13 shows the determination of the coordinate axis direction and arc interpolation direction of gjk6032 lathe

x, Z: the value is the coordinate value of the arc end point in the absolute command, and the distance between the arc end point and the starting point in the incremental command:

r: is the arc radius. When the center angle of the arc is O-1, in India.R is a positive value, and when the center angle of the arc is 180 ~ 3600, R is a negative value

i, K: refers to the coordinate increment of the circle center relative to the starting point in the X and l axis directions. Whether it is diameter programming or radius programming, l is the radius quantity; It can be omitted when l and K are zero. See figure,

note: l, K and R are equivalent in a program segment, and R is valid when I and K months are simultaneously instructed in a program segment


examples figure 1-15

%1015 (see Figure 1-15)

n1 G92 X60 240

n2 G90 G01 x30 Z37 F300 m03

n3 z25

n4 G02 X46 z1718

n5 G01 x60

n6 G00 z40

n7 m05

n8 m30

example figure 1-16

% 1016 (see Figure 1-16)

n1 ig92 X70 z12

n2 G91 G0 can not produce plastic parts of qualified quality 0x-70z-10m03

n3 G01 2-2 f300

n4 x20

n5 G03 x28 z-14k-14

n6 G01 z-14n7 G90 X70 z12

n9 m05

n10 m30

example figure 1-17

% 1017; (see Figure 1-17 for composition of creatine decomposition)

n1 g54 G90 G00 X60 Z50 m03

n2 G00 X36 z42

n3 G01 z34 f300

n4 G02 X36 z10116k-12

n5 G01 Z5 when purchasing tensile testing machine

n6 G00 X70 z50

n7 m05n8 M30

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