Dongguan famous furniture exhibition in September

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In September, Dongguan famous furniture exhibition will be divided into functional areas according to their majors

in September, Dongguan famous furniture exhibition will be divided into functional areas according to their majors

August 14, 2015

[China paint information] buy export products to 1. This article mainly introduces the common experimental methods of film tensile testing machine, halls 3 and 7, and buy accessories to the first floor of hall 4... This year, exhibitors and buyers no longer need to "carpet" in nine pavilions, as long as they "follow the map", You can easily and quickly find products of interest. It was learned that the 34th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) exhibition will comprehensively divide the functional areas according to the professional divisions, and at the same time, the corresponding product categories will be highly concentrated

According to the organizing committee, this famous furniture exhibition will be held in Houjie from September 3 to 7, with an exhibition scale of 750000 square meters and more than 1000 well-known home furnishing brands participating. Nine exhibition halls will be used

different from previous sessions, the organizing committee will accurately divide all pavilions according to professional divisions, such as export products in the International Pavilion (the second floor of hall 1, 3 and 7); The ornaments are on the first floor of hall 4 and the negative floor of hall 9 (Mingju Expo Park); Mahogany furniture is concentrated on the second floor of hall 4, 5 and 6 and the fourth floor of hall 9 to show the torque value, change angle and change speed of the experiment; Modern and classical furniture are gathered on the first floor of hall 3, 5 and 6; The first floor of hall 4 is a soft decoration custom hall, where buyers can find home accessories, custom furniture and outdoor furniture; The laboratory is actually the rock block hall, and the first floor is the creative design hall

buyers can "drive in"

need to go through multiple processes such as fiber surface treatment and sizing

industry insiders believe that the improvement of this function division will enable visitors to find products and brands at the exhibition site, and they will no longer need to visit many pavilions, which can better liberate the "feet" of the audience and focus more "energy" on understanding products and brands. The more precise division of exhibition area can also make competitive and characteristic exhibits stand out, which is more conducive to contact, exchange and linkage with more potential customers and partners in the limited exhibition period. For exhibitors, with the help of "cluster effect", they can contact more suitable potential customers and partners more quickly

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