Dongguan plans to set up machines in Songshan Lake

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To seize the fastest growing market, Dongguan plans to set up a robot industry base in Songshan Lake

on the afternoon of October 14, Dongguan city leaders xujianhua and Yuan Baocheng met with Li Zexiang, Professor of Electronic Engineering Department of Hong Kong University of science and technology, and the two sides had an in-depth discussion on the Songshan Lake robot industry base project. On the afternoon of October 14, Dongguan municipal leaders xujianhua and yuanbaocheng met with Li Zexiang, Professor of Electronic Engineering Department of Hong Kong University of science and technology, and the two sides had an in-depth discussion on the Songshan Lake robot industry base project

China has the fastest growing market for adult robot sales

although China is known as the world's factory, the rise in labor costs has also promoted the development of manufacturing automation, making the country the largest robot buyer in the world. Major robot manufacturers are now gathering in Shanghai, hoping to seize this rapidly growing business opportunity. Luo Baihui, head of the Asian manufacturing Champions League, pointed out that Foxconn, one of China's largest private enterprises, has formulated a plan to add 1million robots by next year. This trend is not limited to factory manufacturing. According to the International Federation of robotics, 23000 robots were sold in China last year, making it the fastest-growing market in the world

according to VOA station on October 10, robots used to be mostly used in heavy-duty manufacturing such as automobiles, and in parts such as sudden changes in the shape of metal components or external nicks or internal defects. However, now, with the improvement of robot ability, its use is also increasingly widespread

Mizutani Chunlin, general manager of Japan's Yaskawa Tsusho (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd., said that in addition to being used in the aviation industry, robots can now be used to make iPhones and other intelligence

the assembly line composed of thousands of workers is now replaced by robots, he said

Yaskawa company is one of several well-known robot manufacturers currently located in Shanghai. Shuigu said that he is the starting point and source of product innovation. When our company started in Shanghai in 1996, it could only sell dozens of robots every year. Now sales are in the thousands

in 2013, China's industrial robot market grew rapidly. Wang Zhiliang, director of the Department of intelligent science at Beijing University of science and technology, said that Chinese industries have spent a lot of time adapting to automation. Now more and more industries have found that robots can not only improve quality, but also increase efficiency. He said that the current order of Shenyang Institute of automation, which is committed to robot research in China, has been scheduled for 2015. The main driving factor behind this is the rapid increase in labor costs in China in recent years

at present, there are some robots suitable for hospitals, which can assist in joint recycling or carry out some small operations. Unlike factory robots, they are called service robots

Wang Zhiliang is mainly engaged in developing service robots at Beijing University of science and technology. The robots he developed with some students are mainly to help cope with an important social challenge in China, the increasing number of the elderly. He said that robots can remind the elderly to take medicine on time, don't go too far or urge them to go to bed, but robots also have many challenges

for example, the elderly need someone to help pour a glass of water, but it is still a big challenge for robots to walk from one place to another and pick up the water cup. He said: artificial intelligence technology is still the most difficult part

shuigu Chunlin said that his company is developing a concept robot, which can help the elderly go shopping, chat with them, and even help them cook

however, it is reported that although robots can assemble iPhones and weld car frames, simple tasks such as pouring a glass of water are still an unconquered field for Chinese robots

the aerial camera aircraft team is expected to settle in Dongguan

this aerial camera equipment developed by the team of the Hong Kong University of science and technology has aroused everyone's interest. Under the control of the staff, the aerial camera flies flexibly in the air and transmits the shooting picture in real time and smoothly

Li Zexiang, Professor of the Department of electronic engineering and robotics expert at the Hong Kong University of science and technology, and his team members introduced that this is one of the world's top unmanned aerial photography aircraft. The research and development team has great interest in Dongguan, a manufacturing city, and intends to establish an industrial base for Songshan Lake robot in Dongguan to continuously enhance customer satisfaction, and exchanged views with municipal leaders on its vision and work implementation

world famous high-tech robot development base

according to the introduction, the Songshan Lake robot industry base project in the early stage mainly relies on the Robotics Institute of the Hong Kong University of science and technology and two high-tech enterprises to establish a high-tech industry base in Songshan Lake, which integrates technology research and development, talent training, business incubation and angel funds, aiming to benefit all kinds of talents in the field of industrial robots and form a complete industrial robot supporting system, Establish a sound innovation and entrepreneurship mechanism, and truly develop into a major high-tech robot development base in China and even the world

in order to achieve this goal, the base will take Songshan Lake Robot Industry Research Institute, Songshan Lake industrial robot industry incubation base, and Songshan Lake Angel development fund as the main development direction. It is preliminarily estimated that the project will play a leading role in the development of industrial clusters such as Songshan Lake motion control and high-end equipment industry, industry and service robot industry

Dongguan will provide policy support and high-quality services for high-tech enterprises

Xu Jianhua, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, said that Dongguan has a huge manufacturing industry, has a strong demand for high technology, and is also a high-quality platform for the transformation of innovative project achievements. In terms of the current practical needs of transformation and upgrading, Dongguan needs a large number of innovation teams and scientific and technological talents to incubate a large number of high-quality industries and enhance the increment. Next, Dongguan will unite multiple departments to provide support for the settlement of the project, and pragmatically promote all work, so that the project can be implemented as soon as possible, take root in Dongguan, and become stronger and bigger

yuanbaocheng, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, hopes that the team can further improve the planning and clarify the development mechanism. He said that the municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to good projects, products, technologies and teams, and will provide sufficient policy support and high-quality government services for high-tech enterprises

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