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On September 16, the people's Government of Dongguan Qiaotou town and Hong Kong Liga International Group held a signing ceremony for the Liga creative and cultural industrial park project in the conference hall of the government of Qiaotou town. Present at the signing ceremony were: Mr. Ma Weiwu, chairman of Lijia group, general manager, deputy general manager, chief financial officer and legal adviser of Lijia group; Mo Houliang, Secretary of Qiaotou town, zhaiyaodong, mayor of Qiaotou town, other members of the leading group, heads of relevant units of Qiaotou town, etc

before the signing ceremony, Mr. Ma Weiwu, chairman of Lijia group, and Mo Houliang, Secretary of Qiaotou town, delivered speeches respectively. Chairman Ma Weiwu said that Lijia creative culture industrial park is expected to build a comprehensive platform integrating high-end environmental protection packaging production, packaging material exhibition and trading, and creative cultural products in about two years. Create a new modern comprehensive packaging industrial park with packaging as the main body. Mo Houliang, Secretary of Qiaotou town, said that the entry of Lijia will play a significant role in building Qiaotou town into a famous town of environmental protection packaging in China. Today's signing ceremony is only a starting point. Next, specific work will be implemented to strive for early results

it is reported that at the 2012 international packaging Expo, the China Packaging Federation awarded Qiaotou town, Dongguan the title of China's famous environmental protection packaging town. This is also the first national packaging town in South China. At present, Qiaotou town has a total of 331 upstream and downstream enterprises of environmental protection packaging, including 99 packaging enterprises. The annual output value of environmental protection packaging enterprises is 3.95 billion yuan, and the total foreign trade export volume is 660million US dollars, accounting for 30.8% of the GDP and 40.2% of the total export volume of Qiaotou town, respectively. It has preliminarily established elijia group, meiyingsen, Huilin packaging, Kaicheng environmental protection, Shengjie packaging Taihe plastic packaging and other environmental protection packaging enterprises as the leading upstream and downstream industrial chain

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next, Qiaotou town will promote the planning and construction of the exclusive land for environmental protection packaging covering an area of 1000 mu, and make good use of the special support fund for environmental protection packaging of the town of 10million yuan per year for five consecutive years, so that Qiaotou town will become the most innovative and competitive important base of the national environmental protection packaging industry. It is planned to increase the output value of the environmental protection packaging industry in the town from 3.42 billion yuan in 2010 to more than 6.5 billion yuan by 2015, making Qiaotou initially become the main base of the national environmental protection packaging industry

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