Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Co., Ltd. achieved export

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DPCA has achieved export sales of 620 million yuan of spare parts

as of October 14, DPCA has achieved export sales of 620.3 million yuan of spare parts, and achieved the sales target of 619 "million yuan of export sales issued by DPCA to the production department in advance

this year, DPCA's parts export work innovated working methods and methods, worked hard to overcome various adverse factors, and made every effort to ensure customer demand. At the same time, there are few solutions to give full play to the spirit of teamwork, strengthen management innovation, establish more effective emergency measures and rapid response mechanisms, constantly expand the export market of parts and components, and promote the quality improvement of export parts and components

as of October 14, DPCA's domestic supporting projects have achieved 39888 engines and 35850 transmissions, with a total turnover of 422 million yuan; The export project successfully achieved the export of 1231 complete vehicles and 2112 CKD batches. Therefore, 700000 pieces of samples and parts were separated and stretched at a fixed speed, with a total export sales of 197 million yuan

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