Dongfanghong takes the China Europe special train

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YITUO takes on the big responsibility again "Dongfanghong" takes on the China Europe special train

Yituo takes on the big responsibility again "Dongfanghong" takes on the China Europe special train

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recently, at the centralized signing ceremony of Jianxi District project of the 35th Luoyang Peony Culture Festival, China Yituo, the Jianxi District Government of Luoyang and China Railway Express Co., Ltd. jointly signed a contract to jointly build Luoyang's first land port multimodal transport logistics center, That is, Yituo land port multimodal transport logistics center

the center will take advantage of the advantages of the one trailer railway marshalling station to open the Luoyang Central Asia international container train and the Luoyang Qingdao port rail sea intermodal international container train, undertake the Luoyang drop off point and other businesses of the China Europe train, realize the docking and cooperation with Qingdao port, Tianjin port, Lianyungang, Zhengzhou inland port, China Railway Express, etc., and complete the "one ticket system" service of freight transportation from inland port to seaport

the glory of the national secondary railway marshalling station

the fragrance of peony flowers is still rippling. A heavy weight wrapped in the fragrance of flowers has exploded in Luoyang, Henan Province - Luoyang will open the China Europe train. At present, the company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with some domestic new energy vehicle enterprises, which will be towed in China

it is reported that the first phase of the train is expected to be opened by the end of June this year. By then, Luoyang, including "Dongfanghong", will be able to realize "one declaration, one inspection and one release" in Luoyang, that is, in one drag, directly reaching the international market

maybe someone wants to ask, why did this project settle down? Why do you choose one trailer marshalling station? The head of China Yituo logistics company explained that there are not only China Yituo's profound historical accumulation, industrial resource advantages, the national "the Belt and Road" strategic guidance, but also rare opportunities at the right time

in the 1950s, the Yituo marshalling station subordinate to China Yituo logistics company was born with the foundation laying of China's first tractor manufacturing plant. Dongfanghong was transported from here to all parts of the country, and here was also the industrial operation hub in Jianxi District of Luoyang. The means of production and products of the five major industrial factories and mines Luotong, Luozhou shaft, Yituo, CITIC and luonai were received and shipped here

the first tractor marshalling station is the only enterprise in Henan Province, the national secondary railway marshalling station, and the railway is connected with Longhai railway. It is adjacent to Huashan Road in the East, Hengshan Road in the west, Jianhe south bank in the north and Yituo plant in the south. It is 1.5 kilometers long from east to west, 200~300 meters wide from north to south, and covers an area of 288000 square meters. There are a total of nine train marshalling railways on the platform, 11 special railway lines, with a total length of 56 kilometers, 4 self owned locomotives, 1 16 ton railway track crane, 64 self owned vehicles (self used railway freight cars), with a total tonnage of 2950 tons

in addition, the freight workshop of Luoyang station of Zhengzhou Railway Branch has set up a freight team in the marshalling station of Yituo railway, implementing a 24-hour duty system, which is specially responsible for the distribution and marshalling business of Yituo railway marshalling station

new window of China Yituo

with the expansion of Luoyang industry in the north and West, there is Luoyang Industrial Park in Henan Province in the north, Luoyang high tech Development Zone in the south, and Luoyang Luoxin industrial agglomeration zone in the West. In addition, more than 100 logistics enterprises have built storage and set up sites around, while Yituo logistics park, which covers an area of 200 mu, and Yituo (Luoyang) Dongfanghong customs warehouse, the first public customs warehouse in Luoyang, which covers an area of 35 mu, Both provide more development space for the one trailer marshalling station

at the right time, the China Europe special train starting from Zhengzhou and taking the Longhai line has been opened, and the Luoyang area of China (Henan) free trade zone, which has just landed, is close to the marshalling station of Yituo. Luoyang, which is looking for the "exit to the sea", needs a logistics transit center, and the Yituo land port multimodal transport logistics center came into being

of course, it is also inseparable from countless field visits, analysis and demonstration by industry experts to the Yituo marshalling station, as well as the all-out and active efforts of China Yituo. Finally, China Yituo, the Jianxi District Government of Luoyang City and China Railway Express signed the framework agreement for Luoyang land port multimodal transport logistics Center project. The three parties will make full use of the Yituo marshalling station and its surrounding land, plants and other resources, According to the estimate before the announcement of the establishment of the joint venture, set up customs, national inspection and supervision, inspection facilities and equipment, and open the "five fixed" train from Luoyang to Central Asia, Qingdao port and other ports. The first phase of the train is expected to be opened by the end of June this year

in addition, the project will gradually build port joint inspection hall, service hall, logistics warehouse and other infrastructure, carry out general import and export trade, bonded trade, processing and services, and carry out cross-border e-commerce and other businesses

the person in charge of China Yituo logistics company said that in the land port multimodal transport logistics center, goods can be transshipped, stored, transferred, assembled and distributed, and import and export goods can be "declared, inspected and released once", so as to achieve the goal of efficient operation of the center and low operation cost, and provide enterprises with efficient In 2015, the convenient and integrated Ministry of industry and information technology issued the requirements for the management of automotive hazardous materials and recyclability (Announcement No. 38, 2015) (hereinafter referred to as "ELV management requirements") for logistics services

for China YITUO Group, which is accelerating the layout of globalization, the establishment of this center will greatly enhance the foreign trade business of China YITUO Group, especially its export business to countries along the "the Belt and Road", and realize the transformation from manufacturing industry to manufacturing service industry in the 13th five year plan

in recent years, in order to speed up the pace of internationalization, efforts have been made to become a global excellent supplier of agricultural equipment. China Yituo has made active exploration and attempts in regions and countries along the "the Belt and Road". This time, the signing of Yituo land port multimodal transport logistics center will be more conducive to Dongfanghong products to the world

at present, China Yituo has two subsidiaries engaged in import and export trade under the jurisdiction of China International Trade Corporation and China Africa heavy industry. In the agricultural countries along the "the Belt and Road", such as Central Asia and Eastern Europe, different organizers have taken different measures according to the national conditions of each country. During the meeting, small-scale achievements will be held to publicize and show the "going out" countermeasures, so as to meet the agricultural machinery needs of the local countries. In Kyrgyzstan, China Yituo has established an overseas company, and the headquarters has sent personnel to stay all year round to provide after-sales service and training; In Belarus, China Yituo became the first batch of enterprises to enter the China Belarus Industrial Park, established a joint research and development center with Minsk tractor factory, the largest agricultural machinery enterprise in Eastern Europe, and acquired a French company with the goal of targeting the international market. According to the 13th five year plan, the total import and export volume of China Yituo will reach 2billion yuan in 2020, and more than 15000 tractors will be exported. The implementation of the project will enable Dongfanghong to take the China Europe train without going out, and go to the world faster and better

in addition, based on the convenience advantages of the free trade zone, China Yituo not only has an open logistics window, but also improves the efficiency and efficiency of international trade, and also has a solid guarantee for realizing the "transformation from manufacturing to manufacturing services"

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