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Dongguan shenglianzhi is committed to the production of high-quality glass hardware products. We know that the locking structure of the machine is: Chevron (that is, rib division was founded in 1868. Since its establishment, our factory has always been bringing advanced cutting solutions to many industries around the world, providing high-quality and satisfactory services to many large and medium-sized enterprises, establishing an excellent reputation, and establishing a long-term standing corporate image.

our innovation and creation has enabled us to obtain more than 90 patents, including the original glass cutting wheel, the first vertical glass cutting machine, and wide track all carbon Cutting wheel. At present, our products are widely used in glass production and production, logo and art design, picture mounting, retail hardware and other industries. The field is broad and the market prospect is huge. Welcome new and old customers to inquire, visit the factory and negotiate business with our company. We will serve you wholeheartedly and make you 100% satisfied

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