Dongfeng Cummins helps Zhengzhou bus expand the bu

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Dongfeng Cummins helps Zhengzhou public transport expand the bus market

Dongfeng Cummins helps Zhengzhou public transport expand the bus market

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Guide: as China gradually promotes the urban transportation policy of public transport priority, the government's investment in bus is also increasing year by year. The public transport market has high standards and strict requirements for fuel economy, environmental protection and reliability, It has become the wind vane of the technical trend of the bus market. At the same time, bus manufacturers and spare parts

with the gradual promotion of the urban transportation policy of "public transport priority" in China, the government's investment in public transport buses has also increased year by year. The public transport market, with its high standards and strict requirements for fuel economy, environmental protection and reliability, has become the wind vane of the technical trend of the bus market. At the same time, bus manufacturers and spare parts manufacturers also attach great importance to the bus market. Winning the bus market is equivalent to occupying a strategic highland of the bus market

public transport priority helps Zhengzhou model

recently, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. announced that Zhengzhou public transport company has selected 170 complete vehicles equipped with Dongfeng Cummins engines, some of which are used in the BRT project promoted by Zhengzhou municipal government, and the other part is used in the ordinary public transport system; The Dongfeng Cummins engines delivered this time all meet the emission standards of the third national standard. According to Dongfeng Cummins, since the first high-pressure common rail engine was introduced in 2009, hundreds of Dongfeng Cummins high-pressure common rail engines have been running on many bus lines in Zhengzhou, and Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. has become the main power supplier of Zhengzhou bus

the common parts of Zhengzhou bus a piston and cylinder block have corrosion, foreign bodies, mechanical damage or smoothness, which is an epitome of the development of public transport in Central China. As early as 2005, the China Mayors' Association and the China Urban Public Transport Association jointly issued the Zhengzhou declaration with the theme of "public transport priority in China, let's do better", which put forward the concept of "public transport priority" and became the action program of public transport construction in Zhengzhou. Taking the BRT project as an example, by the end of May 2010, Zhengzhou BRT had been implemented for only one year, with a total traffic volume of more than 69.77 million people and an operating mileage of 16.4 million kilometers. In addition to BRT, Zhengzhou also vigorously carries out the construction of ordinary bus lines, and reasonably plans and arranges bus stops and lines. In the whole city of Zhengzhou, "there is a road, there is a bus" has been basically realized, which greatly facilitates the travel of citizens. Zhengzhou's public transport system ranks among the top in the selection, operation and management of public transport buses in the country

the combination of three forces to make Shenzhen public transport market

to enter the benchmark market, we need the strong backing of benchmark products. As the world's top engine brand, Dongfeng Cummins has been widely praised for its superior power performance, reliability, fuel economy and advanced emission post-treatment technology. This time, Dongfeng Cummins was selected as the national third electronic control engine of Zhengzhou bus. At the Tianjin International bus and parts exhibition in March this year, it has won two awards: China bus parts energy conservation and Environmental Protection Award and China bus parts new energy technology award. Its excellent performance in low-speed torque, braking performance, fuel saving and environmental protection has made Dongfeng Cummins win the admission ticket of Zhengzhou bus market

marketing is the second magic weapon selected by Dongfeng Cummins. Since 2009, Dongfeng Cummins is no longer limited to the traditional B2B marketing mode of auto parts manufacturers, goes deep into the terminal market, develops "customized" products according to the needs of the terminal market, and wins end users together with vehicle manufacturers with multi curve comparison. To this end, Dongfeng Cummins has set up a regional marketing and business department, which is the controller of marketing resources and the leader of business processes. The business department undertakes many marketing functions, such as seeking business opportunities, tracking, service, customer satisfaction improvement, and visiting the terminal market in person. According to the director of Zhengzhou Business Department of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., since its establishment, the business department has maintained close contact with Zhengzhou public transport company. When informed of the suggestions of Zhengzhou municipal Party committee leaders on public transport in July 2010, the staff visited the public transport company in time, exchanged views on Zhengzhou public transport planning and development, and recommended suitable Dongfeng Cummins products. With excellent product quality and accurate grasp of customer needs, we have won the opportunity to cooperate with Zhengzhou bus company

urban public transport bears the heavy responsibility of public transport, and good maintenance and daily maintenance are particularly important. The whole process service concept advocated by Dongfeng Cummins meets this demand of Zhengzhou bus. Before the engine is sold, the engineers of Dongfeng Cummins will discuss the most suitable matching scheme with the vehicle manufacturer according to the vehicle running route to be matched and the type and scale of goods, and put forward suggestions on the best power combination; During the sale, the service engineer accompanied the whole process in the vehicle factory to solve the unexpected things encountered in the assembly process at any time; After sales, in addition to the use and maintenance training for bus company drivers, the personnel of Zhengzhou Business Department of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. regularly visit the site to inspect the engine. All this makes Zhengzhou bus safe to choose and use. Recently, Dongfeng Cummins has carried out a "expert service, travel around the world" gold medal service engineer competition in the whole company and service dealers to continuously improve the after-sales service level of service engineers and improve user satisfaction

lock in public transportation to expand bus business

Zhengzhou public transportation and Dongfeng Cummins have worked together for many times, which proves an observation in the industry: Dongfeng Cummins is seeking to expand its original advantages in the truck market into the bus market by using advanced product platforms, in order to expand its business territory, realize product market diversification, and lay a more solid foundation for subsequent development

in participating in the BRT project and the "ten cities and 1000 hybrid electric buses" project of the Ministry of science and technology, Dongfeng Cummins has accumulated the technical advantages of the bus market, while increasing the influence of Dongfeng Cummins in the bus industry. The various marketing activities carried out by the vehicle manufacturers in the regional market have also strengthened the close relationship between Dongfeng Cummins and the bus and bus markets. The improvement of business methods and processes such as the establishment and service upgrading of the commerce department has brought tangible benefits to bus and bus users. These have effectively expanded the product market of Dongfeng Cummins in the passenger car industry

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