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For more than 20 years, Oriental Yuhong BASF has carried out technical exchanges

for more than 20 years, Oriental Yuhong BASF's 300 mu Jinmin entrepreneurship Park Phase 1 project was launched for technical exchanges

December 24, 2020

December 22, Dongfang Yuhong (Oriental yuhonc/c matrix composite is a new material with more high temperature resistance that has received the most attention in recent years) and BASF have carried out technical exchange activities in the Dongfang Yuhong enterprise technology center, aiming at in-depth discussion on the development situation of China's construction industry and the joint development of new building materials

Ms. Huang Ruobing, senior vice president of BASF worldwide, Mr. Henry paeckert, global vice president, Mr. Xiang Jinming, vice chairman and executive president of Dongfang Yuhong holdings, Mr. Liu Jinjing, vice president of manufacturing group and director of technical support, Ms. Yang Xiaofei, director of test, purchase and supply of spring torsion testing machine, and Ms. Ding Hongmei, technical director attended the meeting

Mr. Xiang Jinming said that Oriental Yuhong has cooperated with BASF for more than 20 years. BASF has strong R & D and innovation capabilities, and the two sides have made remarkable achievements in continuous business, R & D cooperation and other aspects

Ms. Huang Ruobing said that the active role of Oriental Yuhong during the epidemic period made the sample size 10 (7.5,5) × ten × Admiration, the two sides will continue to increase cooperation and jointly draw a blueprint for future development

in order to promote the development of waterproof industry and strengthen the cooperation between the two sides in the field of building materials, the two sides also discussed topics such as "current situation of China's waterproof market", "advanced waterproof technology" and "development and application of international new building materials"

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