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Advanced knowledge of glass: three questions, bluff an old driver in the glass industry

tell you, Tu Gele. If you have friends in related industries, ask them a question, and they may not be able to answer it. Start simply:

question one, how much is a two-component structural adhesive

this was asked by a technician of party a when I was bidding for Dongying Wanda project. In fact, to be honest, it's OK not to tell you my cost, but if you don't, people think you don't understand and don't know the cost. How do you get the quotation? At that time, it was 9000 yuan for a two-component structural adhesive. I answered more than 9000 yuan. The technician of Party A was also talented. He said: don't be more than 9000 yuan, just 9000 yuan. I'm also happy to say that I can't tell you the cost. I have to add some

now, the price has come down, more than 6000, even more than 4000, and even lower

question 2: which is the key to the strength of a glass factory

the answer is two words: edging. Looking at edging is the key point to see the quality of glass manufacturing in a glass factory

glass processing, expensive equipment, are generally in cutting, tempering, hollow. According to the introduction of the bidding document, the cutting machine of our company is Italian intermark, Baichao and lisek. The tempering furnace of our company is Tam, Tongchang in Taiwan, BGI, Hangzhou Jinggong, my hollow line, the rising star of Korea, lisek super line, etc., which are all big heads and the focus of capital investment of most glass factories

cutting is very important. The Italian intermark equipment has high cutting accuracy, and there will be no big error after long-term use. After some cutting machines have been used for a period of time, the cutting accuracy has decreased sharply, cutting 1998mm, and coming out is 2001mm, which is troublesome. So cutting is very important, but with the progress of technology, many domestic cutting machines can also achieve high precision

tempering is also quite important, but with the maturity of tempering technology, the operation of tempering furnace is becoming simpler and simpler. The operation control panel of Hangzhou Jinggong tempering furnace is only as large as a display, which is smaller and thinner than the bank's queuing machine. The operation maturity is very high, and the preset tempering parameters are very comprehensive. You only need to input what kind of glass to be tempered, and it can be fully automatic tempering. The tempering furnace in Tongchang, Taiwan, has a very high degree of freedom and many setting parameters, which is the other extreme. There are many options for manual intervention. I can adjust the temperature of the front end of the tempering furnace to be different from that of the end. In a tempering process, low E glass is placed at the front end and white glass is placed at the back end, (at that time, the reason for this operation was that a piece of glass was broken during loading, and the patch was in a hurry to deliver. There were two different pieces of glass in a furnace of steel, which would certainly not be the case in daily operation), but it also showed that he could do this, and the adjustable range of the furnace was very large. In terms of heating time, each is also different

hollow equipment is relatively cheap compared with cutting and tempering. The value of domestic Baichao hollow equipment is only a fraction of that of tempering furnace. Hey, there are too many digressions

why is edging the key

when I need a piece of glass, the size is film residue, which affects the emergence rate of cotton by 1400x2000mm. When cutting, the glass is generally not directly cut into exactly 1400x2000, but has a grinding allowance. Edge grinding, sub: chamfering, bottom sweeping, fine grinding and polishing. Chamfering is basically the most basic edge grinding, which is in the state of being eliminated

let's talk about chamfering: glass has thickness. After cutting, there will be two edges and corners of cutting hands. Chamfering is to grind this edge and corner off without cutting hands. Another thing is that chamfering is often done manually with an angle grinder, and the effect will be worse if it is not machine chamfered. In this way, the edging, aesthetics and the stability of later products will not be very good. As for why even the stability of later products is affected, we will talk about it. Don't worry

bottom sweeping is generally operated by edging machine from bottom sweeping. Sweeping the bottom edge is to grind the bottom edge while chamfering, so that the bottom of the glass is flat and regular, which is very helpful to improve the quality of glass in the later stage

fine grinding and polishing is to add a grinding wheel on the basis of sweeping the bottom and polish it. The effect of glass coming out is like the edge of a rotating disc in a hotel, which is polished into a beautiful and transparent state

chamfering does not need to grind the bottom edge, so the cutting size of glass is the actual required size. In addition, the bottom should be polished, so there must be a grinding amount. After grinding, the glass will reach the required size. Here we can see the key to edge grinding. The quality of edge grinding directly affects the size of products

how can edge grinding affect later tempering

as mentioned before, glass tempering is a process to balance the internal and external stresses. If the edge treatment is not perfect, the stress on the edge of the glass will be disordered. For example, the edge is as concave and convex as a dog's bite, and it is difficult to achieve stress balance. The benefits of edge grinding are reflected here. If the edge grinding is regular and the edge treatment is perfect, the stress balance of the glass is more stable and the safety is better in the later use process

the key to the influence of edging on tempering is that the tempering parameters are different. The heating time of chamfered glass is usually longer than that of bottom sweeping/fine grinding glass

the tempering team has crushing indicators when working, and the tempering damage cannot exceed how much in the amount of output. This is directly linked to personal income. Realize multi-channel closed-loop control. Therefore, when the chief tempering operator operates the tempering furnace to toughen the glass without chamfer or even edge grinding, he usually increases the tempering time to ensure a low failure rate of tempering. Because the glass with imperfect edge grinding will be cooled rapidly during blowing, and the stress at the edge of the glass will be disordered, which is easy to cause damage. Increasing the heating time is helpful to reduce the damage rate

what happens if the heating time is too long? As I said before, if the tempering heating is too long, there will be waveform deformation, and the glass will become as wavy as the washboard. (insert, the requirements of the national standard for waveform deformation are actually very loose, and many serious deformations observed by the naked eye can also be within the requirements of the national standard). After synthesizing the hollow, two pieces of glass with serious waveform deformation are superimposed. The picture is too beautiful, and the reflected scene is fragmented and messy

when the edge grinding is perfect, the adjustment of tempering parameters can be more suitable for glass, rather than adjusting the parameters too long for fear of glass damage. In order to reduce damage

when the glass with better surface smoothness enters the next step of synthesizing insulating glass, the products produced will be more beautiful and beautiful, which is what everyone pursues. It seems that no one has found who pursues ugliness, except some special artists

therefore, don't think that the insulating glass is a circle of black glued edges, which are placed in the frame, or covered with outer structural glue, so the requirements for the edges are reduced. It is directly related to the glass life and aesthetics in the later use process. The stress of the edges of chamfered glass has indeed reached balance, but under the later external force, it is more unstable and easier to be damaged

question 3 is also a key and difficult point. Students must draw it down and keep it in mind. This is a necessary examination point

just kidding, the problem is this: before the insulating glass is combined, (the two pieces of glass are combined into a hollow), the glass will be cleaned to ensure the cleanness of the interior of the insulating glass, but the soft bristle brush that is cleaned will generate static electricity when it rubs against the glass, and the static electricity will absorb all kinds of light debris in the air, such as all kinds of hair. How should we deal with this

this question is tricky to ask and really difficult to answer. Maybe I have been engaged in glass sales for many years, maybe I have worked on the China Aerospace line for a long time, but I have never considered this aspect

the questioner is very competent. He understands the structure of the middle air line, knows the equipment used for cleaning, and then asks questions according to the physical law, which is the key

the answer is also very simple. There will be embedded conductive lines in the air line, which will directly introduce the generated static electricity into the ground

there are not a few colleagues who have been asked this question

other more questions,

such as: what is the combination of the common laminated glass film and the huge reduction in the volume of glass transactions? Answer: PVB film adopts van der Waals force

are all interlayers combined with van der Waals? Answer: No, SGP film produces adhesion by ionic bonding

what is the difference between the convection mode of TAM forced convection tempering furnace and Tongchang forced convection tempering furnace

there are still many such problems. We will discuss them later if we are interested

in fact, it is not easy under the internal circulation of the economy. In April 2021, China Chengdu Construction Expo talked with you about new opportunities for the industry

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is pursuing [details]

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