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How to paste the bathroom glass film without bubbles

because the safety explosion-proof glass film is generally used for the bathroom glass film, it has the effects of explosion-proof, heat insulation and so on. It is also the most widely used glass material in recent years. Many users choose to paste the bathroom glass film by themselves, but in the process of pasting the bathroom glass film, bubbles appear in the bathroom glass film due to various inappropriate factors, which is a headache for users, So how can the bathroom glass film be pasted without bubbles? Now please follow the angle to understand it

methods for non foaming of bathroom glass film:

1. Cutting: cut the specifications of glass film into specifications that are about 1cm larger than the veneered surface. This will avoid the trouble of repeated pasting caused by slanting pasting (more on one side and less on the other)

2. Cleaning the glass: wipe the oil stains, stains and dust on the glass before pasting the cellophane, and then spray enough water on the glass (plus oneortwo drops of detergent is better), and the degree of dripping down. The purpose of spraying water is to temporarily reduce the viscosity of the glass film, which will not affect the viscosity after cooling and drying

3. Take off the release film on the back: after taking off the release film, spray enough water on the back of the glass film (with adhesive surface). At the same time, it also includes the strong alliance between the two sides of the cooperative parent company, so that they can move back and forth on the glass at will during the pasting process, which is convenient for the right position

4. Paste: first, after the glass film is evenly measured on the glass, paste it on the upper end of the glass and align it, and paste it from top to bottom. If there is no one-time alignment, you can uncover and paste again and again (the benefits of water spraying)

5. Exhaust bubble: scrape water and bubbles from the center to the surrounding with a scraper or IP card, and wipe out the water and bubbles that cannot be driven out with a needle or blade. Until there is no water and bubbles at all, and the glass film is completely adhered to the glass

6. Cut off the remaining parts: after pasting, cut off the film of the remaining parts with a blade

the role of bathroom glass film:

1. Heat insulation

heat insulation film can block more than 50% of the solar radiation heat in hot summer, so that the indoor temperature is lower than the normal temperature, the human body feels cool and comfortable, and reduces the cost of air conditioning; In cold winter, glass film can effectively reduce the heat transfer of glass, slow down the indoor heat emission, and the insulation is equivalent to the effect of 25cm thick brick wall, so as to better maintain the indoor temperature

2. Safe explosion-proof, prevent glass splashing

3. Block UV

the UV blocking rate of the glass film is as high as 99%, preventing the skin from darkening or even skin cancer caused by skin melanin precipitation caused by long-term UV radiation. At the same time, it can also effectively prevent the fading and aging of floors, carpets, curtains, furniture, artworks, and fabrics

4. One way perspective protects privacy

the outside shields the line of sight. You can see the outside from the inside, but you can't see the inside from the outside. It forms a one-way perspective to protect privacy and create a private space, which not only does not affect the intake of light, but also makes the landscape outside the window clear and recognizable. Especially in the hot summer, your living space is comfortable, quiet and comfortable

5. Beautiful decoration

noble quality, colorful colors, beautify the appearance of the room, improve the grade and taste of decoration, and build a harmonious home environment

6. Prevent light pollution

block the sun glare and prevent light pollution. The glass film helps to correct the temperature imbalance between the strong light area and the back Yang area, disperse the dazzling and uncomfortable glare, relieve fatigue, and reduce the damage of the sun to the eyes

7 in the short three-day exhibition time, the sampling rate of sound insulation, noise reduction and antimagnetic radiation is low.

glass film can effectively shield electromagnetic waves, reduce harmful radiation, and protect your health. Glass film can effectively shield electromagnetic waves, reduce harmful radiation, and protect your health

there are many ways to film bathroom glass. Users can choose graphene filters according to their hobbies, which may be significantly better than other desalination technologies. However, we should remind you that effective measures should be taken to avoid bubbles in bathroom glass film. If there are bubbles in bathroom glass film, it will not only affect the beauty, but also cause quality loss, Therefore, we should choose the right method to stick the bathroom glass film. I hope the above knowledge will be helpful to you

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