How to overhaul the lithographic press

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How to overhaul the lithographic press

there is no unified standard to measure whether the equipment is overhauled. It is usually carried out in the aging period of the equipment, that is, after the use year, the experimental materials can be firmly fixed by high-quality pipe clamps, and when an accident causes heavy damage to the equipment and affects the production quality during use

the overhaul of the lithographic press is mainly based on the following situations: first, the drum big gear is worn, and the accuracy cannot meet the requirements, resulting in process failures, such as ink bars. 2、 The big gear of the drum is cracked and cannot be produced. 3、 The shaft sleeves of printing plate, rubber and impression cylinder are worn, resulting in inaccurate overprint. 4、 A certain surface of the printing plate, rubber and impression cylinder is seriously damaged and cannot be produced normally. The overhaul is divided into three stages

in the first stage, writing a plan means making a plan. 1. Operators and technicians jointly analyze the fault and determine the components to be repaired; 2. Contact the purchase or processing of parts that need to be replaced to match the specification and size; 3. The best way to determine the maintenance personnel is to work together with the operation and maintenance personnel. If you can't do it, you have to ask the personnel of other units for help; 4. Design and prepare lifting tools; 5. Establish the start time and planned completion time for maintenance

the second stage, implementation, namely action. First of all, it is necessary to ensure personal and equipment safety. The digital display meter can be quickly mastered and easy to operate. From the beginning of maintenance, it is necessary to hang the words "machine maintenance" at the obvious place, and it is strictly forbidden to switch on or touch. Secondly, the disassembly of parts is particularly important. We should try our best not to damage the parts. We should be patient, observe and think of ways to remove the parts that are difficult to remove due to the rebound of commodity prices caused by the decline of risk aversion in the market last week. For unfamiliar parts, the position and order of parts shall be clearly recorded, and the place shall be designated. It is best to record them with paper and pen, so as to avoid mistakes and trouble during installation. Parts damaged or found worn during disassembly and assembly shall be purchased or processed synchronously. Before lifting the drum, it is best to connect the drum body and mark the gears, so that the installation is accurate and fast. In this way, remove it until the part to be repaired. The next step is to repair and solve all problems found in the repair process. After repair or replacement, install. Usually, the parts removed later are installed first, and you should be good at observing during the installation process, such as whether the auto parts that can be processed by Amgen are installed in place and level, whether the moving parts can move freely, whether the screws are fastened, missing parts, etc. Oil dirt and dust deposits formed by parts for a long time should be removed by the way. The size problem of the printing machine shall be solved at the same time

the third stage is commissioning to enable it to be put into production. A printing machine can only be used after debugging after maintenance and installation. First of all, we should do a good job in the three leveling work of the lithographic press, that is, roller leveling, ink roller leveling, water roller leveling, and make the pressure meet the equipment requirements. Then turn the machine by hand to see if it can move and if there is resistance, and then jog the machine after confirming that it is normal. Then run slowly, fill the moving parts with lubricating oil, and listen for abnormal noise. Start paper feeding after eliminating the abnormal conditions, and observe whether the paper feeding time is correct, whether the paper receiving tooth is normal, and whether the biting force is appropriate. After the paper feeding and receiving are normal, ink and water the upper plate for trial printing. The effect can be known after printing the sheets, and the equipment can be restored after there is no abnormality in the maintenance place. The overhaul is over

in short, the maintenance of equipment should be orderly. The lithographic press can be maintained and used normally only after sufficient preparation, reasonable personnel allocation and understanding of the structure, principle, performance and adjustment of the machine

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