How to operate the new sawing machine when it does

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Received. How to operate the new sawing machine when it doesn't work or doesn't work

received. How to operate the new sawing machine when it doesn't work or doesn't work

recently, a customer called to inquire: I just bought a new band sawing machine yesterday. Today, I want to try it out and see if the equipment can be used normally, which plays a decisive role in measuring the tension accuracy. Connect the power, add the hydraulic oil, and start the operation according to the instructions in the manual, but the sawing machine doesn't rise when it rises to half. What's the matter

the reason for the problem: the hydraulic cylinder is piston type because of the air inlet in the cylinder. When the cylinder is air inlet, the gas will extend along the inner wall of the cylinder and run to the other end of the cylinder through the oil seal. There is space in the cylinder, and the hydraulic oil will no longer feed into the cylinder, so the cylinder will not work

how does the gas enter? There are many reasons. It may be that you add too little oil when debugging the sawing machine, the oil pump sucks in the gas, there are too many oil circuit connections, and the development prospect in the middle is very optimistic. It may enter the gas and so on

solution: it is also very simple. It should have enough volume. Loosen the screw on the top of the oil cylinder, turn on the oil pump, press the up and down buttons to exhaust the gas of the oil cylinder, and then tighten the screw! In addition, there are no screws at the top of the oil cylinder. In this way, the pneumatic force of oil return can be opened by using a hammer or pressure to make the oil pump work and exhaust the gas! (end)

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