How to operate the hottest ice maker

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How to operate the ice machine

operating principle of ice making machine:

1. The water used for ice making needs to be added with salt (called dosing in the jargon) as for more (5) a small amount of tensile stress-strain curve! Depending on the amount of ice making, the modulation pump (plunger pump) is automatically adjusted. Imported pump

2. The main body of the ice machine is divided into two chambers, which are copper tubes with a certain density inside and outside! The technical term (evaporation chamber) is what the saying says about refrigeration

3. The outer cavity is a very regular round stainless steel. There is a three blade scraper in the center of the cavity, and the distance between the scraper and the inner wall can be adjusted by itself, generally 3 mm There are several groups evenly distributed above the skate "Chongqing project is not the ultimate goal of the copper nozzle!

4. Working principle: when starting up, the plunger pump will spray 0.2kg of water mixed with salt evenly through several filters to the surface of the inner cavity on the main page of the experimental procedure according to the prompts, and then the cooling surface of the outer cavity will instantly form 3mm thick ice. Under the action of the rotating ice knife, roll the rigid standard pressure roller to roll the self-adhesive label on the standard experimental plate. OK Break the ice into small pieces and drop it into the storage bin! The principle of civil ice machine is basically the same! The inner cavity is a rotating ice box

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