How to participate in domestic exhibitions

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How to participate in domestic exhibitions (Part 1)

exhibitions are no longer places to display products, promote products and buy goods in a simple sense. Modern exhibitions have rapidly developed into the center of exchange and access to information. Participating in the exhibition is an important part of the whole market development work of enterprises, and should be listed in the overall market plan

after determining the purpose of the exhibition, the selection of the verified exhibition is the key

exhibition application procedure

after selecting an exhibition, contact the organizer, and the other party will fax or mail you the exhibition application documents. These documents should include exhibition introduction materials, exhibition application forms, exhibition fees, relevant services, exhibition hall booth map, exhibitor manual, etc

after filling out the exhibition form, returning it to the organizer and confirming it, you also need to remit all or part of the booth fee as a deposit to the organizer, so that your booth will be finally determined

expense budget

exhibition expenses include booth fees, booth decoration fees, exhibit transportation fees, air ticket and train long-distance fares, urban transportation fees, accommodation fees, necessary equipment rental fees, advertising and publicity fees, material printing fees, gift production fees, conference room rental fees, etc. It takes only a few seconds to make the exhibition expenses. 2 When the wire rod changes the operating procedure of the experimental machine, 10% of the total cost should be added as the expenditure of unforeseen expenses

booth location

the location of the booth is comprehensively planned by the organizer. The location of the booth is arranged according to the internal 3 of products and services, long service life, industry, region and other factors, or the location is distinguished by the booth fee. The booth map provided by the organizer shows which positions to choose from. In short, the earlier you submit the application form to the organizer, the easier it is to get a good position

polar 2 is still in the stage of engineering development at present. The standard booth

except that some large domestic commodity ordering fairs still use smaller booths, the booth area of the exhibition is usually 9 square meters (3 meters × 3 meters), becoming a standard booth. The organizer of the conference is responsible for the construction of the standard booth and provides the basic facilities required for the exhibition, including three exhibition walls, two spotlights that can be fixed on the exhibition wall, an exhibition table (1 meter long, 50 cm wide and 80 cm high), two chairs, carpets, one 220v5a three power socket, and engraved eyebrow words, that is, the name of your company. There are no special requirements. The text on the eyebrow board is the name of the unit you filled in the exhibition form

there is a special position in the standard booth of the exhibition, which is located at the top of each row of booths. It is a booth with only two exhibition walls at most. It has two or even three sides that can face the passage of the audience, so it can have more contact with the visitors. Therefore, the earlier you apply to participate in the exhibition, the more chance you have to seek this kind of booth from the organizer of the conference

if there are more than four or more standard booths, you can only book the bare floor area, and plan and decorate it yourself. Special decoration can make unique decoration according to the company's product characteristics, technical characteristics, market positioning, and the arrangement of activities during the exhibition. The booth decoration conference provides the construction of standard booths, and the fire-proof materials used in the exhibition walls, tables and chairs. Special attention should be paid to when doing special decoration. If the exhibition frames and decorations of wood structure are used, they should be coated with fire-proof materials


most exhibitors feel that a reference desk is not enough. Conference organizers, exhibition venues and exhibition service companies can provide temporary rental services for tables, chairs, cabinets, sofas and other furniture

water, electricity, gas

if you want to use large amounts of electricity, water, gas, natural gas, etc. in the exhibition, you must explain it in the exhibition application form, with special emphasis. After charging a certain fee, the organizer of the conference will arrange and provide these services

you can apply for renting a line (domestic long-distance DDD, and international long-distance IDD) during the exhibition, but you should submit it to the organizer in advance to avoid unnecessary urgent expenses

storage of items

during the exhibition, the organizer of the conference will provide security for the exhibition. There are security guards at the entrance and exit of the exhibition hall, and the entry and exit of large exhibits must be registered. However, at present, there is still a lack of valuable goods safe rental and storage services in China's exhibition halls. During the exhibition, it is inevitable that people will be in disorder, so small exhibits and valuables should be kept properly by themselves. If the booth is specially decorated, don't ignore the design and construction of the storage room. The storage room can place company gifts, documents, and staff clothes, personal belongings, etc. The staff of the standard booth should carry briefcases with them for carrying and temporarily storing small items, money, etc

storage of packing boxes

before the exhibition starts, the organizer, the exhibition hall manager and the exhibition transportation service company will take away the packing cartons, packing wooden boxes and materials, or designate a warehouse for unified storage, which is not only the need for the cleanliness of the booth, but also the requirement of fire safety. Usually, the packaging materials will be returned or taken away by oneself when the exhibition is completed and removed. (to be continued)

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