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In addition, the leaders of Tianjin high tech Zone need to pay attention to: ① the working oil cylinder must be raised by 1 small section; ② Check whether the belt that drives the force measuring piston to rotate breaks the cooperation negotiation of Baili mechanical equipment group

leaders of Tianjin high tech Zone went to Baili mechanical equipment group for cooperation negotiation

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on February 16, Ni Xiangyu, director of the Management Committee of Tianjin high tech Zone, Yin Jihui and Wang Wei, deputy directors, visited Baili Mechanical Equipment Group Co., Ltd. and conducted in-depth exchanges on matters related to cooperation. Zuo bin, chairman of Baili machinery and equipment group, and the main leaders of the group attended the meeting

Ni Xiangyu first introduced the economic and social development of the high-tech zone and the construction of Tianjin National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. He said that the development momentum of the high-tech zone is rapid. Driven by the construction of the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, it will build a 100 billion level industrial chain, have good development and planning in new energy vehicles, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection and other industries, and constantly improve the relevant platform carriers. The construction of all composite aircraft referred to by the author here means that under the current technical conditions. 9. The computer measurement and display system dynamically displays the load value, displacement value, deformation value Experimental speed and experimental force time, experimental force deformation, deformation time, force displacement experimental curve setting, constantly innovate mode thinking, and serve the enterprise with a sense of advance. Baili machinery is also a leading enterprise in the industry. The high tech Zone also hopes to join hands with Baili machinery, communicate more, do a good job in docking, promote cooperation and achieve win-win results

Zuo bin welcomed the visit of the leaders of the high tech Zone and briefly introduced the development of Baili machinery and equipment group. He hopes to take advantage of the good resources of the high-tech zone, participate in the construction of good projects, and make contributions to the leapfrog development of the high-tech zone

the main business income of Baili equipment group exceeds 100 billion yuan, ranking among the top 500 Chinese enterprises and the top 100 Chinese machinery industry. Its two listed companies, including the joint-stock company: Baili electric and the joint-stock company: FAW Xiali. Facing green, intelligent and digital, Baili equipment has formed an industrial system dominated by electrical appliances, heavy mines, machine tools, general environmental protection, transportation and agricultural machinery and equipment. Its main products have successively provided products and services for a series of national key projects, such as the Yangtze River Three Gorges project, the Shenzhou manned spacecraft, nuclear power plants, the Olympic Games project and so on. With scientific and technological progress as the engine of the group's development, Baili equipment has established a scientific and technological innovation system guided by the market, dominated by enterprises, intellectually supported by professional colleges and universities, and based on the group's Research Institute. Baili equipment actively develops the internationalization strategy and the opening-up drive strategy, and has established joint ventures and cooperation with a number of well-known companies, such as Otis, Siemens, Toyota and other world top 500 enterprises, central enterprises such as China National First Heavy Industry Corporation, China FAW and Dongfang Electric Corporation, as well as local large enterprises such as BAIC Foton and Xinjiang Tebian, and has established Otis Elevator (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Siemens electric transmission Co., Ltd More than 20 joint ventures with competitive advantages, such as China First Heavy Industry Group Tianjin Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

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