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Baoding: Jiezhuang rural area, Jingxiu District, vigorously banned the waste recycling bin

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core tip: Waste purchase stations in downtown areas are always unable to get around the environment, which is dirty and messy, and has great potential safety hazards. In my impression, waste collection stations are mostly empty bottles and waste paper piled up disorderly. After the Ministry of Public Security No. 65 document revokes the external insulation material of the wall and no longer forces the use of class a external insulation material, as well as dilapidated household appliances and waste collection stations in downtown areas, they are always unable to get around the difficulties of dirty and disorderly environment and high safety hazards. In my impression, waste collection stations are mostly littered with empty bottles, waste paper, old household appliances and all kinds of waste, and bursts of odor make the surrounding people avoid it. With the development of the city, people put forward higher requirements for the urban environment and urban management, and the test speed purchase station required for the collection and selection of these waste products is even more out of place

since the "go all over the show" ecological civilization theme education action was carried out, Jiezhuang township has carried out centralized rectification of waste recycling stations within its jurisdiction to completely solve the "persistent disease" of the city

On April 23, Gao Jiankun, the Secretary of the Party committee of Jiezhuang Township, and Gou Qingqiao, the township head, organized the responsible comrades in charge and the relevant departments such as the Environmental Health Institute, the Environmental Protection Institute, the food safety office, and the law enforcement squadron to hold a special meeting on the rectification of waste recycling stations, requiring a thorough ban

on April 24, Gou Qingqiao, the head of Jiezhuang Township, led the team, and Gao Shu, the deputy head of Jiezhuang Township, organized the Environmental Protection Institute, the environmental sanitation Institute, the food safety office, and the law enforcement squadron into three groups based on Visual Studio 2012. Together with the cadres of the village committee and the village committee, they conducted a pull-out investigation in the area under their jurisdiction, and issued a "letter of commitment to move away within a specified time limit" to all the identified waste recycling stations, with a total of 42 copies distributed. It is required that all waste stations must be cleaned up by May 7

after that, the township staff will check and supervise the cleaning progress of each waste station every day. During the Labor Day holiday, just before the waste station cleaned itself up, the township staff did not rest for a day, but still insisted on daily inspection and supervision. For the three waste recycling stations with slow cleaning progress, they resolutely cut off water and power. For the three waste recycling stations that did not cooperate with the work, they forcibly cleaned up some waste products and removed the fences, which played a good warning role for other waste recycling stations

on May 7, the township government organized personnel to conduct another inspection and found that 35 recycling stations had been cleaned up, and the remaining 7 had not been cleaned up due to the large amount of inventory and great difficulty in cleaning up. To this end, the township government has dispatched forklifts, excavators, holding trucks, garbage removal vehicles for five times and cooperated with labor to forcibly clean up the waste stations that have not been cleaned up and remove the ground pumps. At the same time, all waste stations have been removed and the remaining garbage has been cleaned up. After many efforts, all waste recycling stations in Jiezhuang township have been cleaned up, and the city has taken on a new look. During this period, the township government dispatched a total of 62 garbage removal vehicles, 8 excavators, 6 forklifts, 4 trucks, and 40 people

in order to avoid the re collection of waste recycling stations, the government of Jiezhuang Township insisted on normalizing the work of banning waste recycling stations, sending four township cadres to inspect all waste recycling stations every day, and forced to clean up immediately after finding the re collection. Up to now, all waste recycling stations have been kept clean, which has been highly praised by residents in the area

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