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Leading coal enterprises focus on the "price stabilization" strategy

the sales price fell slightly in September

the peak of power consumption in summer has passed, and whether the domestic coal market can usher in the "golden nine" market is of great concern when it is placed at the highest position for the first time. The recent price adjustment policies and information disclosed by leading coal enterprises show that the coal price may gradually stabilize in the later stage

"the slight drop in the sales price of large coal enterprises in September conveys their idea of 'price stabilization'." Zhangguichuan, head of the industrial products Department of CSC futures, said that whether Shenhua, Yitai and Chinacoal, the coal price concessions in August have been reduced to a certain extent. The price of Shenhua mainstream coal was basically unchanged from August after adjustment, reflecting Shenhua's willingness to "stabilize the price" and maintain the current market competition pattern in the late stage. From the quotation results of Shenhua Group in September, the prices of various coal types ranged from an increase of 1 yuan/ton to a decrease of 9 yuan/ton, and the discounts of large quantity, low card and high loading and coal blending were cancelled. The coal sales plan released by Yitai in September shows that the reduction of Yitai Coal price is slightly larger than that of Shenhua, ranging from 2 yuan/ton to 11 yuan/ton. The reference price of China coal in September was the same as that in August, and the sulfur preference and large quantity preference continued to be implemented, but the sulfur preference range of high sulfur coal was reduced, and the sulfur preference range in September was reduced by 5 yuan/ton

wangxufeng, a coal analyst at Fenwei energy, believes that the overall quotation of Shenhua Group is still declining. After the targeted promotion of 5500 kcal and 4900 kcal thermal coal in August, the sales of these two coal types of Shenhua Group may temporarily improve. This time, there is no further price reduction, but other products have been reduced

"leading coal enterprises send a signal to the market to maintain the stability of coal prices when the peak season of buffer is approaching." An unnamed trader said that the main reason for the continued downward pressure on coal prices was the sharp contraction in market demand caused by the economic downturn. According to the recently released macroeconomic data, the downward pressure on the domestic economy is still large, and it is unlikely that the coal demand will improve in the later period

lixuegang, a senior analyst in the coal industry, believes that under the circumstances of tangled supply and demand and uncertain price trend, large coal enterprises such as Shenhua Group announced the sales policy of thermal coal in September, slightly adjusted the price on the basis of basically continuing the price in August, and some preferential measures were cancelled, which has a certain stabilizing effect on the price of thermal coal in the Bohai Rim region in the near future

under the background of "price stabilization" of large coal enterprises, the situation of production areas is still not optimistic. The person in charge of a coal enterprise in Inner Mongolia told futures that part of the local open-pit coal mines that had previously stopped production have been started, and the number of coal transportation vehicles has increased by 20%. However, the overall enthusiasm of coal mine production is still not high. If this situation is maintained until the end of the year, the coal price can be stabilized

at the same time, with the end of summer, the daily coal consumption of power plants in eastern and southern China has dropped significantly, and the operating rate of thermal power units has hovered at a low level; Affected by market and policy factors, coal prices in northern coal producing areas such as West Inner Mongolia and North Shanxi continue to decline below the cost line, and production stoppages and reductions are common

the above interviewees believe that from the perspective of supply and demand situation and the attitude of large coal enterprises, 9 it is a probability event to build a safety and health assurance system focusing on 'raw and auxiliary material procurement - raw material account management - injection molding link risk control - factory safety and health control' and the smooth operation of coal prices in the first ten days of the month. In addition, the positive support of railway maintenance and winter coal storage for coal prices will be reflected as early as the end of September. The rise in coal prices may occur after late September, but the rise will be lower than the same period in previous years

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