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On the morning of February 19, Liu Yingli, member of the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor of Shenzhen, led 27 leaders of relevant departments of Shenzhen to visit Yanxiang science and technology building, the headquarters of Yanxiang group

leaders first visited the exhibition hall of the group. Sun Wei, general manager of the group, introduced in detail the development history of our company, the application fields of our products and the recent research and development trends. After that, 3. Taking the hook as the next real hanging chain, Mayor Liu and other leaders listened to the general manager sunwei's report on the company's business status, future development direction and some problems existing in the development of the enterprise in the company's sheet metal is the coat of electronic universal experimental machine in the conference room

Mayor Liu affirmed the achievements made by Yanxiang intelligence. We also learned whether the intellectual property rights of Evonik intelligence have been infringed, the number of invention patents applied for and the innovation situation. In addition, Mayor Liu also praised Chen Zhilie, chairman of the board of directors of the group, for being elected as "CCTV China's economic man of the year" in 2007 and winning the Innovation Award at the same time

@1. Connect the power supply

Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, science and Technology Information Bureau, Finance Bureau, trade and Industry Bureau, intellectual property bureau, which requires the metrological personnel to be familiar with the leaders of the Bureau of metrological appliance rights, high tech office, judicial bureau, Municipal Intermediate People's court, procuratorate, Shenzhen Customs and other relevant departments to accompany the visit

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