The hottest leaders of Hebei Province went to Shij

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Leaders of Hebei Province went to Shijiazhuang paint factory to investigate

leaders of Hebei Province went to Shijiazhuang paint factory to investigate

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[China paint information] from May 8 to May 9, Ma lancui, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Hebei Provincial People's Congress and chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, went to Shijiazhuang paint factory to have face-to-face exchanges with front-line employees of the enterprise to understand their thoughts, thoughts and needs

in the paint factory, Ma lancui went to the workshop, canteen and dormitory to ask the employees "how much salary they have", "what difficulties they have in life" and "what suggestions they have for the work of the trade union". Bucket lifting, positioning, filling, moving... In the filling position of the low-temperature resin workshop of the paint branch, Ma lancui experienced the work of different positions. She said, "it seems easy to take one, put one and push it, but in terms of time, we should grasp the experience we have learned from sarlink TPE for automotive sealing system when developing this series. We hope that employees can continuously improve the production process and improve the level of mechanization through job excellence, job innovation, job entrepreneurship and job innovation." In the small color paint workshop on the different samples of the correction point, Ma lancui asked the employees about occupational health problems from time to time, and picked up the gas mask to try it on; In the staff canteen, Ma lancui queued up with the staff to buy food, check the food quality, ask the price, have lunch with the staff, and told the person in charge of the enterprise to pay great attention to the occupational health of the staff

Ma lancui said that during his investigation in the paint factory, he learned that the business management of the enterprise is unique and the work of the trade union is fruitful. He hoped that the trade union of the enterprise should give full play to the basic and subjective role of serving employees; The vast number of employees should take the development of the enterprise as their own responsibility and build the enterprise into a community of interests, undertakings and destiny. It is hoped that enterprises will continue to create a good environment for trade unions to play a role. Hope can help families and conditions, pay attention to the role of trade unions in universities and colleges, and make them show their talents in the training of highly skilled workers; Support the construction of employee culture and enterprise culture, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

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