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Leaders of Shandong Stone Industry Association inspected Shandong Yahua Logistics Industrial Park

leaders of Shandong Stone Industry Association inspected Shandong Yahua Logistics Industrial Park

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on the morning of December 2, 2105, it was clear and blue, if the oil delivery valve of the experimental machine was fixed, the sky was cloudless, as clear as jasper. Mr. Zhou Keji, President of Shandong Stone Industry Association, Ms. nieyanzhen, secretary general, Mr. Chen Chaolai, director, Mr. tianwenfeng, general manager of Rizhao Tianhe Stone Co., Ltd., Mr. zhangmingkun, general manager of Shandong Jindu Stone Co., Ltd., Mr. Ji Wei, deputy general manager of Rizhao Haien sawing industry Co., Ltd., and others, in the Bureau of foreign affairs and Commerce of Linyi Economic Development Zone, Mr. Fan Shouguang, middle director of stainless steel standards Accompanied by Mr. Wang Jiangang, chairman of Shandong Yahua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Mr. Liu Zhaoyuan, deputy general manager, visited Shandong Yahua Logistics Industrial Park

first of all, President Wang briefly introduced the layout of Sany group and Shandong Yahua Logistics Industrial Park for all leaders. He said: Sany group has developed rapidly since it entered the machinery industry. At present, Sany has developed into the largest construction machinery manufacturer in China and the fifth largest in the world. As the agent of Sany group, Shandong Yahua has also made remarkable achievements in keeping up with Sany. Shandong Yahua Logistics Industrial Park is the largest and first-class 6S center of construction machinery in Shandong. Then, President Wang accompanied the leaders to visit the prototype square, the second auction site and the remanufacturing workshop

after visiting the industrial park, all personnel had a discussion in the multifunctional conference room on the second floor of Shandong Yahua Logistics Industrial Park. Chairman Zhou of Shandong Stone Industry Association said: "I'm glad to have this rare opportunity to come to Shandong Yahua logistics industrial park today. Through general manager Wang's introduction and a comprehensive and detailed visit to the industrial park, I have a comprehensive understanding of Sany and Yahua. The stone industry is an industry chain industry, which is inseparable from engineering machinery. Now, many mines in Shandong are using loaders, Sany is also a manufacturer of loaders, and Shandong Yahua also Acting as an agent of loader products, I hope to have in-depth cooperation with Sany and Yahua in the future. " Then, President Tian of Rizhao Tianhe Stone Co., Ltd. told his personal feelings about Sany group and Shandong Yahua. He said: "Sany's product quality is very good, and the service is the first in the country. The six conditions of light off, door closing, positioning, zero position, hammer grasping and hammer lifting are the first in the country. The quality of service and response speed are first-class in the country. It is strongly recommended that the stone industry cooperate with Shandong Yahua in depth." Later, director Fan of the foreign affairs and Commerce Bureau of the Development Zone said, "as a 'leading backbone enterprise' cultivated by the Development Zone in 2015, Shandong Yahua has strong strength, and the development zone has been paying close attention to the development of Shandong Yahua. It is hoped that through this meeting, the two sides can further cooperate through high-frequency quenching to obtain high surface hardness and large residual tightening stress, and the development zone will create favorable conditions for the cooperation between the two sides."

this meeting is far-reaching and of great significance. Through this visit, the leaders of the stone industry in Shandong Province have a more in-depth and thorough understanding of Sany group and Shandong Yahua, which has laid a solid foundation for the in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the future. Finally, everyone took a group photo to commemorate this beautiful and happy day

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