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Leading enterprises going out: the great opening-up pattern makes Hunan industry go out: the great opening-up pattern makes Hunan industry

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Guide: Recently, the party and government delegation of more than 60 department and bureau level leaders and prefectural municipal Party committee secretaries led by Zhou Qiang, Secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, and Xu Shousheng, governor of Hunan Province, successively visited Jiangxi, Guizhou, and Guangxi provinces and regions to investigate the outward oriented economy, It is rare for such a high-profile party and government officials to go out of Hunan for investigation over the years

Recently, Hunan provincial Party Secretary Zhou Qiang and Governor Xu Shousheng led a party and government delegation of more than 60 "top leaders" at the Department and bureau level and secretaries of prefectural and municipal Party committees to investigate the outward oriented economy in Jiangxi, Guizhou and Guangxi. Such a high-profile "big army" party and government officials' investigation outside the province has been rare in Hunan over the years

in recent years, Hunan's open economy has developed rapidly. Last year, Hunan ranked first in the central region in terms of actual utilization of foreign capital, and introduced eight of the world's top 500 enterprises, making it the first place in Hunan's history to introduce foreign capital. We all have a clear conscience! With the joint efforts of all Jinan gold testers, the year with the largest number of world top 500 enterprises; Against the backdrop of weak external demand, the total volume of foreign trade increased by 29.3% year-on-year, 6.8 percentage points higher than the national average growth rate; Hunan enterprises seize the opportunity to "go global", carry out cross-border mergers and acquisitions, expand the high-end markets in Europe and the United States, and the growth rate of foreign direct investment ranks first in the central and western regions

Last year, Hengyang, Chenzhou, Yongzhou and other southern Hunan cities were successfully approved to become the fourth national demonstration area to undertake industrial transfer. With the help of this national platform, in terms of investment policies and services, the standard introduced the concept of forming contraction difference △ vs, which is connected to the coast in an all-round way, and vigorously undertook the industrial transfer of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and other coastal areas. Foreign capital rushed to Hunan one after another

in the interview, it was found that investment projects were waiting in line not only in the development parks of Chenzhou, Hengyang and Yongzhou; Even Anren County of Chenzhou City, which was a little remote in the past, introduced 23 projects with an investment scale of more than 100million yuan last year. The demonstration zone has introduced more than 1100 projects, accounting for more than one third of the province. Last year, the province undertook 2912 industrial transfer projects, increased tax revenue by 2.84 billion yuan, and added 290000 jobs

in order to give full play to Hunan's regional and resource advantages, Hunan's commerce, trade promotion and other relevant departments make full use of the exhibition platform to actively organize the participation in the "China International Expo", "CIFIT", "high tech fair", "Canton Fair" and China ASEAN Expo, match up and attract the delegation of Guangdong and Hong Kong high-tech star enterprises to Hunan, vigorously promote Hunan's soft and hard environment, and invite businessmen at home and abroad to invest and start businesses. Last year, the functions and characteristics of the digital hydraulic universal testing machine: the manual control oil delivery valve and oil return valve were adopted. Hunan introduced 62 new projects with more than 30million US dollars, and introduced 8 of the world's top 500, which was the year when Hunan newly introduced the world's top 500, and 119 of the world's top 500 enterprises invested in Hunan; 674 foreign-invested enterprise projects were newly approved, with a year-on-year increase of 6.3%, and the actually utilized funds were US $6.15 billion, ranking first in the central region

this year's "China International Fair" will be held in Hunan, which is currently stepping up preparations with the strength of the whole province

Hunan enterprises "going out" to show their talents

the "trough" of the European and American economies is also a good opportunity for overseas investment. Hunan enterprises boldly "go global", show their skills in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and invest in the development of overseas mineral resources

in September last year, the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce and the Hunan Provincial Department of land and resources jointly hosted the "Hunan first overseas mineral resources project matchmaking meeting", which provided a platform for information exchange and docking cooperation for Hunan Geological Prospecting Units and development enterprises to "go global". At present, Hunan Geological exploration teams are distributed in 19 countries and regions in Africa, Oceania and other places

the "going out" of leading enterprises is booming. Following the successful acquisition of Italian CIFA by Zoomlion (000157), Sany Heavy Industry (600031) Germany's bedburg Industrial Park officially opened in June last year. This is by far the largest project invested by Chinese enterprises in Europe. Six months later, these control systems included three closed-loop controls. Sany group announced that it would officially acquire the German Putzmeister company, which has the world's first brand of concrete machinery, "elephant". On April 17 this year, the acquisition was completed

last year, there were 136 newly approved overseas enterprises in Hunan, with an actual outward direct investment of US $805million, a year-on-year increase of 158.5%, ranking first in the central and western regions; There were 16 overseas mergers and acquisitions of Hunan enterprises, with a cumulative contractual investment of US $265million, accounting for 15.2% of the total overseas investment

Hunan enterprises boldly "go out" and vigorously develop foreign contracted projects and labor cooperation while conducting cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Last year, the number of foreign labor cooperation enterprises in Hunan Province increased to 12, with a total turnover of US $2.228 billion in foreign contracted projects and labor services, an increase of 37.7% year-on-year

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