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Leading European entertainment companies use contact center monitoring and testing technology

CTI Forum () news on January 10 (compiler/Lao Qin): sky is a leading European entertainment company, serving 21million customers in five countries: Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy

sky provides program content and market leading customer service, and adopts innovative new technologies to provide customers with a better TV experience, no matter when and where

sky trusts cyara's contact center automated testing technology, so that experts expect to ensure stability and quality, while reducing their overall costs, so that they can do more with less money. Cyara provides our customers with the right experience, said Rob Quigley, CT business manager of sky


sky first chose the cyara platform for monitoring. In order to stabilize the quality and reliability of the production environment, they expanded the scope of use of cyara platform

cyara has improved the customer experience of sky, especially in terms of test coverage. Cyara also reduced the time required for testing. Sky is now able to perform full regression testing in a shorter time, which shortens the weekly release cycle


stabilize the production customer environment

increase the test coverage to 100%

significantly reduce the time required for complete regression testing

inspire the life trial script by reusing the lessons learned from frustration in each project, shorten the time required for development

shorten the project time by 2 months

reduce the number of resources required for each project by 50%

with the help of cyara, We become more agile. Early in the project life cycle, we used cyara to automate test scripts. Rob said

choose cyara to stabilize the quality and reliability of the production environment without increasing resources

manage 22 contact centers for 12million customers in the UK and Ireland, with about 60million voice and 10million self-service interactions to ensure safety every year

actively monitor the call quality in self-service applications and automatically shut down for protection; In order to be identified before the problem becomes a customer's problem

in the early stage of the development cycle, cyara can create test scripts, so as to become more agile

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