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Baolitong helped Zhongyuan group experience a clearer meeting


Zhongyuan group was founded in 1978. It is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in real estate agency business and involved in property management, measurement and valuation, mortgage agency, asset management and other fields. It owns the flagship brand Zhongyuan Real estate, and many subsidiaries and affiliated brands such as lijiago real estate, Baoyuan real estate, santop, etc, It is a pioneer and market leader in the real estate agency industry and related service fields

current situation:

users have lync 2013 version, which is mainly used for daily meetings and voice communication

lync and voice off integration have realized the integration with PSTN and video conference system

interface features can be set by software requirements:

deploy terminals on the leadership desktop to achieve integration with lync, and leaders can call other lync terminals, and other communication devices through IP

a set of conference terminals cooperating with lync system is deployed in the conference room to improve the sound effect during the meeting


according to the user's request for digital display and microcomputer screen display, Xinhe times and Zhizhen ICT team have discussed and given a mature scheme of external microcomputer set. Ipcx600 or vvx600 (visual) is deployed on the leadership desktop, which can realize various enhanced functions. Leaders can directly call other lync terminals, analog terminals, or video conference terminals, which is convenient and simple to operate; Deploy cx3000 in the conference room as an IP conference terminal to solve various sound and other functional problems in the conference room

function realization:

after the user deploys the desktop terminal, it improves its business management and file processing speed of branches, as well as the large-scale remote cooperation ability of different departments in our province's traditional industries

the speech quality of the meeting is clear, the effect is good, and the reduction degree is high, so that every participant can enjoy participating in the meeting

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