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The highly competitive baomeng pp20r pressure sensor has been certified by the railway, which can effectively improve the operation reliability.

baomeng launched a new pp20r series pressure sensor, further expanded the product portfolio, and provided a cost-effective solution with high-pressure rubber hose for various demanding applications in the rail transit industry. This pressure sensor has excellent 5 The insulation strength and anti electromagnetic interference ability of servo motor are also the only pressure sensor in the market that meets the GS1 standard

pp20r pressure sensor has a variety of models to choose from, supports various process connections, and has passed the en 50155 standard certification

pp20r sensor can be used to measure gauge pressure, with a measurement range of 0.25 bar and 0.160bar. The product has a variety of models to choose from, and can provide different accuracy levels and output signals (current output: 420 Ma; voltage output: 0.10 V, 0.5 V, 0.2 V). It supports various electrical and process connections, so as to provide customers with extremely flexible solutions. At the same time, the pp20r sensor is also equipped with an enhanced measuring core, so it is very solid. It is not only suitable for pressure measurement in the braking system and the cooling system of locomotive traction device, but also for controlling and adjusting the contact pressure of pantograph

pp20r sensor has excellent insulation strength (up to 1.5 kV AC), which can minimize the risk of damage caused by voltage difference and effectively improve the operation reliability of itself and the whole system. In addition, the sensor also has extremely high anti electromagnetic interference ability (exceeding the requirements of en standard), even if it is installed in the area close to the electronic interference source, there is no problem

impact testing machine refers to the impact test force applied to the sample. Unlike other commercially available products, pp20r abandons the single equalizer design and adopts four pressure balancing ports, thus reducing the impact of dirt, sediment, condensate and other liquids in the surrounding environment. It has become an ideal choice for various outdoor applications under harsh climatic conditions, including installation on the roof and even under the floor

pp20r pressure sensor meets the newly established GS1 standard in the rail transit industry, and can realize the whole process from production, maintenance, repair to readjustment of parts. However, within the service life of parts, only a small part of its fatigue load series often makes the material enter the plastic zone; The vast majority of load sequences only cause elastic deformation of materials, and the speed of elastic finite analysis enables rapid life cycle data exchange, thereby improving the efficiency of the logistics system of the whole industry

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