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Leading heavy equipment enterprises imagine the year of the dragon to seek innovation and change, and take the lead

leading heavy equipment enterprises imagine the year of the dragon to seek innovation and change, and take the lead

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Guide: editor's note: at the beginning of the Spring Festival of the year of the dragon, major heavy machinery enterprises have regrouped and started a new journey. In the past year, the post financial crisis, the national macro-control policies, the appreciation of the RMB, and the impact of the Japanese earthquake on the nuclear industry are the common topics faced by heavy machinery enterprises, and the pursuit of innovation has become an enterprise war

Editor's note: at the beginning of the new year of the dragon, major heavy machinery enterprises have regrouped and started a new journey. In the past year, the post financial crisis, the national macro-control policies, the appreciation of the RMB and the impact of the Japanese earthquake on the nuclear industry have been the common topics faced by heavy machinery enterprises. "Seeking innovation and change" has become the inevitable choice of enterprise strategy

it can be said that the five leading heavy machinery enterprises with an annual sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan are all transformed from the old generation of state-owned enterprises. Each enterprise has a legend. They are the leaders in the industry. Their development plans not only represent the future trend of the heavy machinery industry, but also affect the development of many upstream and downstream industrial manufacturing fields

looking back on the past, there are thousands of feelings; Look forward to the future and be full of ambition. Let's see where the leading heavy machinery enterprises will go in the year of the dragon

North Heavy Industry: new development and new height

in the past year, North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. adhered to the implementation of "three strategies" and "four structural adjustments", with the goal of building an international enterprise with core competitiveness, and a series of strategic measures were promoted layer by layer, which laid a strong foundation for the realization of the company's "12th Five Year Plan" development goals and the smooth implementation of the "three steps". The company achieved sales revenue of 13.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.1%, profits of 250 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.2%, taxes of 500 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.1%, industrial added value of 2.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.9%, and various economic indicators achieved growth of different ranges

in this year, northern heavy industry promoted technological innovation around the main direction of high-end complete sets of major equipment. 4) Communication interface: within 100MHz Ethernet communication interface, in the field of large tunnel construction machinery, the technical scheme design of open Hard Rock TBM and the development and design of 3M slurry balance micro shield machine have been completed; In the field of mining equipment, we have developed a series of new products such as Y2000 strong magnetic vertical ring magnetic separators; Among the mining products of large open-pit coal mines, the automotive interior parts market is mainly composed of non-metallic materials. It has developed a complete set of equipment with an annual processing capacity of 15million tons, such as large self-moving crushing station, transfer machine, portable belt conveyor, and successfully signed the first research and manufacturing contract with China coal Pingshuo, filling the domestic gap; In the field of cement equipment, the slm5600 raw meal vertical mill with the largest domestic production capacity of 6000 tons per day has been developed; In the field of forging equipment, the first 8000 ton large forging hydraulic unit equipped with intelligent linkage operator in China has been developed; In the field of bulk material handling equipment, we have developed new products such as gantry top stacker side stacker reclaimer with the largest diameter of 110 meters in China; In the field of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, we have successfully developed a new energy-saving and emission reduction mlx4500 multi-functional four roller vertical mill, which was designed and launched to the market in the same year

focus on building NHI international brand and exploring international market. Beifang heavy industry firmly adheres to the business philosophy of "those who win the international market win the world", firmly seizes the opportunity of the adjustment of the world economic structure, focuses on the development of emerging markets, actively implements the strategy of key major customers, develops extensive cooperation with internationally renowned companies, and constantly expands market share. It has successively received orders for a number of large-scale general contracting projects, such as pelletizing complete equipment of Iran pamitik company, 24 mb4100 fan mills of Laos Hongsha power plant, the world's largest specification, reliance group of India, coal mine and power plant coal handling system of LANCO company, 4000 ton daily cement production line of Ethiopia Ambo cement company, etc., and NHI's brand influence in domestic and foreign markets is expanding day by day

adhere to people-oriented and continuously improve the quality of the staff. Unremittingly cultivate the enterprise culture of northern heavy industry and establish learning enterprises

in 2012, NORINCO will continue to adhere to the "three strategies" and "four structural adjustments", fully implement the "12th Five Year Plan" of NORINCO, promote institutional and mechanism innovation through joint-stock reform, and focus on the construction of technological innovation system, domestic and foreign marketing and market layout, product quality and user service system, manufacturing system and other key work around improving profitability and economic operation quality, To ensure the realization of the annual business objectives, in order to build northern heavy industry into an international enterprise with core competitiveness

fully implement the "12th Five Year" development plan of northern heavy industry and strengthen the construction of technological innovation system. Major high-end product projects will be included in the company's special development plan, and the project team responsibility system will be adopted for key promotion; Based on independent innovation, we will build a broad platform for product research and development through "industry university research" cooperation, joint design, introduction of technology, mergers and acquisitions of foreign R & D institutions, introduction of domestic and foreign industry experts and other ways

facing the field of high-end complete sets of major equipment, accelerate the research and development of new products and the transformation and upgrading of old products. We should focus on energy conservation and emission reduction, green growth and high-end product market to enhance the international market competitiveness of products. In the field of mining machinery, we should focus on the development of high-end products such as large-scale hydraulic cycle crusher, high-energy cone crusher, toothed roll crusher and large-scale ball mill, so as to form the core competitiveness of mining products; In the field of open-pit mines, the application field of large-scale complete sets of equipment for "mining, transportation and drainage" of newly developed open-pit mines should be expanded to metal mines and non-metal mines according to the market demand at home and abroad; In the field of bulk material conveying products, we should focus on the development of energy-saving and environmental friendly belt conveyor cutting-edge technology to improve the added value of product technology; Focus on the demand of bulk material equipment in mines and ports, and quickly develop super large bucket wheel stacking and reclaiming products to meet the demand of high-end market; Focusing on the development direction of complete sets of cement and sintered pellets, research and develop all kinds of high-end host products to enhance market competitiveness in these fields; In the field of rolling equipment, we should continue to increase the research on rolling technology of non-ferrous materials and expand the market of non-ferrous rolling equipment; In the field of shield machine, we should focus on the development of large open hard rock shield machine and master the core technologies of shield machine products

accelerate the layout of international markets and further expand markets at home and abroad. We should speed up the construction of the overseas market network of northern heavy industry. With internationalization as the goal, we will comprehensively promote the global marketing strategy, successively establish consolidated "base areas" in Chile, Australia, India and other regions, improve the overseas after-sales service system of NORINCO, realize close-up and localized services, and optimize resource allocation and overseas layout. Make every effort to expand domestic and foreign markets, improve the international market share of products, and achieve the goal of self operated export of US $500million this year

too heavy: steady growth wins at the beginning

just in the past 2011, too heavy group overcame the post financial crisis, economic turmoil in Europe and the United States, weak market demand, intensified competition, declining product prices and other adverse factors, maintained a steady and good growth trend, and its comprehensive indicators were at the forefront of the industry. In the whole year, the total industrial output value was 17billion yuan, an increase of 23.7% year-on-year; The operating revenue was 16.2 billion yuan, an increase of 20.6% year-on-year; Cumulative orders amounted to 30.7 billion yuan, an increase of 20.3% year-on-year. In this year, Taizhong won the Recognition Award of China Industrial award

in the past year, Taizhong vigorously promoted product development and made remarkable achievements in independent innovation. It has become one of the first batch of 55 technological innovation demonstration enterprises in China, and has entered the national "top 20 innovative enterprises". The technology center ranks 12th nationwide, including 75m3 excavator, 15m3 hydraulic excavator, 125MN press, 660 ton crawler crane, the world's largest power 3000 KW electric traction shearer A large number of key new products such as the largest ultra heavy scraper conveyor in China have been developed and manufactured one after another

in April, 2011, Taizhong successfully acquired Australia Willie longway international group; In September, it successfully acquired German CEC crane engineering and Consulting Co., Ltd. In the same year, Taizhong Hong Kong International Co., Ltd. and Taiyuan Heavy Industry India Co., Ltd. were established. In the whole year, the export order of 1.8 billion yuan was successfully achieved. Large excavators have been highly praised by users in Russia, and the export contract of four excavators has been successfully signed. The 4.3m coke oven was exported to Iran for the first time, 85mn aluminum extrusion was imported to the United States and other developed countries for the first time, and the coal scraper was exported for the first time. The internationalization strategy of Taizhong has taken solid steps

2011 is also a year of large-scale construction of key projects. The localization project of large castings and forgings, the localization project of key components of high-speed trains, and the Tianjin Binhai project of Taizhong are well organized and progressing. Yuye high-end hydraulic independent industrial base and Taizhong (chayouzhongqi) new energy manufacturing base have started construction one after another. These key projects will be put into operation in 2012, and will become too new economic growth points

facing the opportunities and challenges in 2012, too much emphasis will comprehensively improve the operation quality and promote the transformation and leapfrog development. We will intensify efforts in technological innovation, focus on strengthening the technological research and development strength of the trinity of complete engineering, product research and development, and process research, focus on building three technical talent Highlands in Germany, Tianjin, and Taiyuan, and focus on building three domestic first-class technology centers in Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Taiyuan Heavy coal machinery, and Yuci Hydraulic, where oil tank leakage will soon catch fire

at the same time, Taizhong will vigorously promote the innovation of system and mechanism, deeply promote the professional operation of products, enrich the strength of each business segment, focus more on the development of core business, and improve adaptability and market competitiveness. Vigorously promote management innovation, take the world-class level as the benchmark, constantly learn and improve, and comprehensively strengthen detailed management. To lay a solid foundation for achieving the goal of "equipping China and equipping the world"

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