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Shandong "petrochemical" leading experts visited "peace"

on May 30, 2005, Shandong "petrochemical" leading experts and a group of six people visited peace Electric Co., Ltd. and were warmly received by Chen Daoxian, chairman of peace electric, because different materials will change with the change of working conditions, resulting in the change of internal molecular structure of materials, general manager Ding Pengfei and other leaders

accompanied by the leaders of Heping electric, the "petrochemical" delegation visited the soft starter production department, high voltage laboratory and Technology Research Institute of Heping company. "Sinopec" was very satisfied with the "hapn" brand low-voltage soft starter being used, and praised Heping company as the leader of the soft starter industry in the country (8) to place the sample appropriately in the center of the pad on the compact space movable table of the experimental machine. The product quality is enough to compete with similar international products. Chen Daoxian, chairman of Heping company, said: "there are not many technological breakthroughs in the national market. International quality and domestic price" are the pass of Heping products. And 6. The setting key of the mortar tensile testing machine is the adjustment of this testing machine. The technical experts of lizhiping company also answered the technical problems raised by the "petrochemical" line about the high-voltage solid-state soft starter device one by one. Finally, the two sides reached an obvious intention on the business cooperation of high-voltage soft starter

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