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Swing angle financial business information integration - Baoding swan Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. informatization experience

monday, March 10 2003 2:59 PM Baoding Tianyou rest assured that oh goose Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. is one of the 500 industrial enterprises with the best economic benefits and the top ten enterprises in the chemical fiber industry in China, and one of the 520 key enterprises in the country and one of the large enterprise groups in Hebei Province. The first phase of the group's computer network project, the financial business information integration construction project, which was officially operated in 2002, adopted the software system of Kingdee company. After 10 months of operation verification, it has achieved the expected results. The purchase and sales management system, together with the A/R and a/P management systems, can dynamically master the payment and a/P, collection and a/R status of the purchase and sales business; When used together with the inventory management system, you can master inventory information at any time, so as to reduce blind procurement and effectively control inventory; When used together with the inventory accounting system, the financial department can grasp the purchase and sales cost of inventory in time, realize the effective management of purchase and suppliers, sales and customers, and reduce the purchase and sales cost

After the implementation of the unified financial management mode, a unified financial management mode with finance as the center and inventory accounting as the core has been established. The business of material accounting is classified into finance. The purchase plan, business (purchase, sales), warehouse keeper and financial accounting personnel enter the business documents in sequence according to the order of business occurrence, associate them to generate relevant bills, cross check each other, refine the division of labor, and assign people; Finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials and machine accessories are put into and out of the warehouse to realize detailed management. Production picking and engineering picking are respectively matched by the detailed accounts of financial accounting, and the cost allocation is realized one by one. Information sharing is realized between departments, so as to give full play to the role of financial accounting and supervision, and realize scientific cost management, inventory accounting and detailed engineering final accounts. The efficiency and quality of procurement and sales work have been further improved

after the implementation of the standardized business process

, through the financial business integration information to 240million Swiss francs interest processing and sharing, according to the actual business of the company, the material accounting is classified into the financial department, the unified procurement, sales, accounting, financial business processes, raw materials, machine parts, finished products, customers, suppliers unified coding to form basic data, business occurs directly into a clear accounting project, strengthening basic management; Corresponding rules and regulations have been formulated. Standardize the operation of management means and management systems, and abide by them from top to bottom; The decision-making level, finance and discipline inspection check and track the purchase and sales business in time, which improves the management efficiency

speed up market response

after the implementation, all finished product inventory information can be queried in time, which facilitates management and satisfies customers; The finished products are automatically input in real time through the electronic scale, simplifying the link; Sales personnel directly distribute goods in the sales system, replacing the manual inventory inspection and distribution of goods by shipping personnel, simplifying procedures, saving time and improving customer satisfaction; At the same time, all customer information and sales information are entered into the system, so that customer tracking service, product flow analysis and market prediction can be effectively carried out, which accelerates the speed of market reflection, establishes the corporate image and improves the market competitiveness

provide scientific basis for decision-makers

improve the company's management system focusing on business, based on financial accounting and analysis, and by means of planning control, analysis and assessment: provide timely production, sales, inventory and financial information, so that finance can use network data to conduct cost analysis, inventory accounting analysis, sales analysis, product flow analysis, accounts receivable and accounts payable aging analysis in a timely and accurate manner, Analysis of fund occupation; It provides effective data for the planning and other departments to refine the cost assessment through the financial accounting results, control the production and operation process, analyze the business situation by using the financial accounting results and other business statistical results, and analyze the economic situation. Provide scientific decision-making basis for leaders at the decision-making level. It can obviously speed up the response of enterprises to domestic and foreign markets, quickly adjust the product structure, produce marketable products in time, and improve customer service level, so as to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises

form an effective control and restriction mechanism

the information system is a transparent system for business operation. Every business of an enterprise cannot be realized without entering the system. Once entering the system, it will be tracked by the finance, planning and discipline inspection departments, comprehensively monitor the procurement and sales business, and standardize the procurement and sales behavior; In addition, according to the data formed by the program, the relevant vouchers generated in the financial department are synchronized. If there are differences in quantity, unit price, amount and invoice, they cannot be written off. Therefore, it is impossible to manipulate privately, and changing the data will also leave a record. With this technical guarantee, there will be a reliable foundation for improving the internal control system

lay the foundation for e-commerce

taking the road of green and low-carbon development will become the inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of China's tire industry and the realization of sustainable development

in order to meet the needs of joining the WTO and participating in international competition and cooperation, e-commerce has become the primary means to participate in international trade. The realization of basic management informatization such as purchase, sales and inventory, finance, etc. has laid a solid foundation for the next implementation of e-commerce

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