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Application scope of sound-absorbing perforated gypsum board gypsum board: ceiling, partition and wall pasting in office buildings, large shopping malls, exhibition halls, conference rooms, cinemas, hotels, libraries, workshops, stations and other public places

sound absorbing perforated gypsum board perforated ceiling manufacturer's perforated gypsum board for silencing in large shopping malls. Scope of application: ceiling, partition and wall pasting in office buildings, large shopping malls, exhibition halls, conference rooms, cinemas, hotels, libraries, workshops, stations and other public places. Perforated gypsum board for sound absorption is based on decorative gypsum board and paper gypsum board, and has cylindrical holes through the front and back of the gypsum board. The back of the perforated gypsum board is pasted with breathable back covering materials and materials that can absorb incident sound waves

Ivory core, gray paper, is the most economical and common variety. It is applicable to places of use without special requirements, and the continuous relative humidity of the place of use shall not exceed 65%. Because of the price, many people like to use 9.5mm thick ordinary paper faced gypsum board as ceiling or partition wall, but because the 9.5mm ordinary paper faced gypsum board is relatively thin and low strength, it is easy to deform under wet conditions, so it is recommended to choose more than 12mm gypsum board. At the same time, the use of thicker plates is also an effective means to prevent joint cracking

water resistant gypsum board

its core and protective paper have undergone waterproof treatment. According to the requirements of the national standard, the paper surface and core of water resistant gypsum board must meet certain waterproof requirements (the surface water absorption is not more than 160g, and the water absorption is not more than 10%). Water resistant paper faced gypsum board is suitable for places where the continuous relative humidity does not exceed 95%, such as toilets, bathrooms, etc

product nature and application. Because the plate surface is perforated, it can absorb sound energy. Through the combination of different aperture, hole spacing, perforation rate and hole cavity, the indoor reverberation time can be effectively adjusted, and the absorption of low-frequency sound waves is particularly significant. Special formula and special base material can meet the strength requirements. Various hole shapes and rich combinations can be selected according to the needs of sound absorption and decoration. Dry method operation is adopted, with short construction period, convenient construction, and economic efficiency. The finishing process is simple, and the coating can be directly rolled

this material has various decorative patterns, rich textures, complete colors, beautiful and environmental protection. As a high-grade decoration material, it can meet the needs of personalized decoration, and is widely used in public buildings, governments, hotels, office buildings, gymnasiums, financial units, enterprises, shopping malls, factories, schools, hospitals and residences that have high requirements for the visual effect, cleanliness and acoustic environment of ceiling partitions

1. Appearance quality: the surface is flat, and there shall be no scars, stains or damages that hinder practical use

2. Combustion performance: non combustible

3. Heat load shrinkage temperature: 643 degrees

4. Moisture absorption: 3.9%

5. Organic content: 2.9%

the glass fiber ceiling produced by our company is made by using international advanced technology. After our strict selection, the mineral fiber board made of high-quality glass fiber after high-temperature melting is used as the base material, and special coating is sprayed according to the different appearance effect and performance. The products are suitable for office buildings, public places, educational institutions, hotels and restaurants, sports and literary centers, medical institutions, industrial plants Buildings, commercial centers and other places that have certain requirements for acoustic design




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