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Honeycomb activated carbon is a new environmental protection activated carbon waste gas purification product, which can effectively reduce odor and pollutants, and meet the national first-class exhaust emission standard. The main raw materials of this product are high-grade coal activated carbon powder, coconut shell activated carbon powder with high iodine value, and super decolorizing wood activated carbon powder. At present, most of the domestic market are honeycomb shaped activated carbon made of high-grade coal activated carbon powder, so it is called honeycomb activated carbon

honeycomb activated carbon is a new type of broad-spectrum adsorption material, which is widely used. It can quickly and effectively adsorb benzene (benzene, toluene, xylene, aldehydes (formaldehyde), ethers, esters, phenols, ketones, and waste gases containing trace heavy metals and odor, so as to achieve the purpose of air purification. Now let's take a look at the manufacturers of honeycomb activated carbon

honeycomb activated carbon manufacturer

1. Guangzhou Chongjing environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the environmental protection industry and produces honeycomb activated carbon and other environmental protection products. Especially the water-resistant activated carbon. After water-resistant treatment and secondary firing, the honeycomb activated carbon produced by this manufacturer has the characteristics of high strength, water resistance, strong acid resistance and strong alkali resistance. It can be widely used in wastewater treatment, organic solvent recovery and adsorption, and the carrier of various catalysts

2. Jingdezhen Jiayi new materials Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development and production of new material products for environmental protection engineering and energy conservation &mdash& mdash; Honeycomb activated carbon, honeycomb ceramics series products The company has a honeycomb activated carbon production workshop, and the products independently developed by the company are honeycomb activated carbon series products, etc., and the annual output of honeycomb activated carbon series products is 1.5 million liters. The products are leading in both technical quality and output, and the products are exported to foreign countries

3. The output of honeycomb activated carbon of Henan Boyuan activated carbon group has always been the top three in the province. The honeycomb activated carbon produced by this manufacturer can be directly used or put into the purification cabinet and adsorption bed. If the concentration of waste gas is high and the emission is large, it can be used alternately by two purification cabinets and adsorption beds

function of honeycomb activated carbon

1. Honeycomb activated carbon is refined into honeycomb activated carbon blocks with high-quality activated carbon powder and auxiliary materials through high technology. Honeycomb activated carbon is mainly used in the field of air purification, such as the smell of paint waste gas, the adsorption and purification of various organic waste gases with medium and low concentration and large air volume discharged from factory workshops, especially suitable for central air conditioning Purification devices for automobile air conditioners and the adsorption and removal of various harmful gases in indoor air; It is applicable to the purification of various organic waste gases with medium and low concentration and large air volume, and can be widely used to treat organic gases containing benzene, phenols, esters, aldehydes and other organic gases such as toluene, xylene, benzene, as well as odor gases and gases containing trace heavy metals. Through the honeycomb structure, the product has small bulk density, large specific surface area, high adsorption efficiency, small wind resistance coefficient, and excellent aerodynamic volume reduction. The energy consumption of the equipment reduces the honeycomb activated carbon, reduces the cost and operation cost of the adsorption bed, and has high purification efficiency for waste gas treatment. The purified gas fully meets the environmental emission requirements

2. The honeycomb carbon deodorization package is made with activated carbon with high adsorption performance as the carrier and the latest scientific and technological processes. It can adsorb all gas molecules in the room and refrigerator, and has the properties of regulation and catalysis. It can effectively adsorb benzene homologues, halogenated alkanes, aldehydes, ketones, acids and other organic components that form various harmful gases and odors in the air, as well as floating bacteria in the air, kill mold, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, pus and other pathogenic bacteria, inhibit the spread of epidemic pathogens, and has the functions of detoxification, odor absorption, deodorization, dehumidification Mold proof, sterilization, purification and other comprehensive functions, packaging and size can be made according to customer requirements

3. Honeycomb activated carbon filter screen is a sheet (net) shaped adsorbent made by using the latest modern scientific and technological means to evenly plant high-quality activated carbon powder for air purification on polyurethane foam with a unique three-dimensional structure. It has good adsorption performance for harmful substances and dust such as odor, odor, methanol, bacteria, etc., with large adsorption capacity, honeycomb through-hole structure in shape and large air permeability

4. Honeycomb activated carbon filter screen is the most commonly used purification filter screen for various air purifiers, air conditioners, oil fume purifiers, etc. honeycomb activated carbon is used to remove formaldehyde, and is widely used as daily-use products such as mattresses, pillows, refrigerator deodorization bags, etc. abroad

5. The carbon content of honeycomb activated carbon filter screen is about 35%-50%, which has good adsorption performance. The manufacturer's price of honeycomb activated carbon can be used to purify the air. It can remove volatile organic compounds and pollutants such as dust, smoke, odor, toluene, methanol in the air. It is mainly used in various air purifiers, air conditioners, air-conditioning fans, computer hosts, etc., with good formability, low air resistance and pressure drop, It has good purification effect

instructions for using honeycomb activated carbon

the best way to control air pollution is to use honeycomb activated carbon, which is composed of two adsorbers in parallel, which can be used to deal with intermittent exhaust, and one can be used for continuous exhaust, one of which is for adsorption, the other is for desorption regeneration, and the desorbed pollutants are discharged after catalytic combustion. When using honeycomb activated carbon, try to avoid high temperature, because high temperature will reduce the adsorption capacity, and the adsorption effect will decline due to the rise of temperature. At the same time, high dust content in the gas should be avoided, because tar dust mist will block the pores of activated carbon, increase wind resistance and reduce the adsorption effect. In this case, a dust filter device should be installed in front of honeycomb activated carbon to improve efficiency and service life

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