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Looking at the development of interior wall residential materials in recent years, various new wall materials are favored by consumers. The salesperson of building materials decoration told Xiaobian: because the new wall materials are healthy and environmentally friendly, even if the price is high, consumers will still choose this kind of products

from the current market consumption demand, the new wall material market will still be good in the future, mainly towards the following aspects:

1. Healthy and environmental friendly wall materials

in recent years, environmental damage and pollution have stimulated people's requirements for green environmental protection, which also directly affects the development direction of wall materials. Wall materials are developing towards high-performance, green and environmental protection, and green and environmental protection wall materials will become the mainstream direction of the development of the wall material industry in the future

Master Sun's wall clothes are made of natural plant fibers, cotton wool fibers, etc., and do not contain VOC, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances. They are healthy and environmentally friendly, and fully conform to the mainstream direction of wall material development

2. Beautiful wall materials

with the improvement of consumers' consumption ability and consumer brand awareness, simple product functions obviously cannot meet the needs of the younger generation of consumers. Consumers are more inclined to aesthetic personalization, and generally personalized and fashionable products rich in design elements are more popular

Master Sun's wall clothes are soft, three-dimensional, highly personalized, highly decorative, and constantly emerging. Now he has nearly 300 products, which are not only more colorful, but also more diverse in style. They are not only loved by the middle-aged and the elderly, but also welcomed by the younger generation of consumers

3. Functional wall materials

people have higher and higher requirements for quality of life, and the demand for wall materials is also higher and higher, and the functional upgrading of wall materials is also a manifestation of social development. Traditional wall materials can no longer meet the needs of modern people. People's demand for wall materials is no longer limited to decoration, but more hope that they have various functions such as air conditioning, moisture and mildew prevention. The development of functional wall materials will become a new direction of the interior wall decoration material industry in the future

compared with traditional wall materials, Master Sun's wall clothes are not only healthy and environment-friendly, but also have the characteristics of scrub resistance, soft texture, heat insulation and decoration, humidity regulation, sound insulation and flame retardancy, durability, etc. the back of the hotel is seamless, non cracking, non moldy, excellent quality and elegant temperament. It will become a rising star in the interior wall decoration material industry

in addition, Master Sun's wall clothes also have advantages that traditional wall materials cannot match -- the market is simple! It can be formed in one layer without polishing, and it has no dust and taste, and there is no need to worry about dust flying and spilling. It is not only suitable for the decoration of new houses, but also for the renovation of old houses. It can be widely used in schools, clubs, energy conservation, bars, restaurants, construction and other places




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