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Decoration is a very happy thing, but also a tangled thing, because home decoration traps are everywhere. Recently, Mr. Chen, the owner, encountered a decoration embarrassment that upset him. "The construction period is nearly four months longer than the contract. Not to mention, the decoration company also asked to pay another 10000 yuan immediately." This made Mr. Chen very angry, "the house has not been installed, how can I give the final payment?" Mr. Chen told the editor that the decoration had been suspended because Mr. Chen refused to pay the 10000 yuan

owner: the final payment will be made before the decoration is completed, and the work will be stopped if it is not given.

the reporter came to Mr. Chen's home in a community in horticultural mountain. When I opened the door, plastic bags, cardboard, foam, etc. were scattered on the ground inside the house, which was a mess

Mr. Chen told reporters that the house was delivered in January 2013. In July of the same year, he signed a decoration contract with a decoration company, and the construction period was from July 29, 2013 to October 29, 2013. But now, almost four months have passed since the completion time, and the decoration is still not completed

Mr. Chen said that he was not in a hurry to move for the time being, so he didn't care much about the extension of the construction period, but a few days ago, he received a call from the decoration company asking him to pay another 10000 yuan. "The total decoration amount is 115000 yuan. I have paid all the money I should pay, and now there is only more than 10000 remaining." Mr. Chen said and showed the reporter a copy of the receipt. The receipt shows that in addition to the deposit, Mr. Chen paid a total of 103000 yuan in three times last year. For this reason, Mr. Chen believed that the remaining 10000 yuan should be paid after the decoration was completed, so he didn't promise. As the two sides did not agree, the decoration work has been suspended for several days

decoration company: the charge is actually over budget, not the final payment

why does the decoration company ask for money before the decoration project is completed? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted a staff member of the decoration company by telephone

the staff member said that what they asked Mr. Chen to pay was not the final payment, but an extra part of the cost in the actual decoration process. "In the specific construction process, the cost of some places exceeded the budget", the staff said that because Mr. Chen refused to pay, they did not dare to continue the decoration construction. As for the final payment of more than 10000 yuan, it was really not paid until the decoration work was completed and Mr. Chen accepted it

the staff explained that before the construction, the designer made many drawing changes according to Mr. Chen's requirements. The construction started in near September, plus factors such as workers' holidays during the Spring Festival, which led to the delay. "We also hope to sit down with customers and have a good talk. If there is any doubt or dissatisfaction, we can talk face to face", the staff said that they will further negotiate with Mr. Chen in the next step




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