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The transfer of the textile industry contributes to the capacity transfer of the chemical fiber industry in order to implement the adjustment and revitalization plan of the textile industry, the Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued the guiding opinions on promoting the transfer of the textile industry, which clearly stated that various problems will inevitably be encountered, which will promote the transfer of the textile industry, give play to regional comparative advantages, improve resource integration and utilization capacity, and optimize the regional layout of the industry, so as to improve industrial competitiveness, Promote the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the textile industry, and enhance the international competitiveness and sustainable development capacity of the textile industry

Chang Yizhi, a researcher of the chemical industry of CIC consulting, believes that the promotion of the transfer of the textile industry is conducive to the structural adjustment and optimization of the industrial layout of the textile industry. At the same time, it is also very beneficial to the industrial structure adjustment of the chemical fiber industry

Chang Yizhi pointed out that at present, China's chemical fiber industry is mainly distributed in the southeast coastal areas, while the energy and land use in the southeast are very tense. Chemical fiber is also a high energy consuming industry, making it a common practice to limit power in the coastal areas every year. At the same time, the labor cost in the southeast coastal areas is also rising. In addition, chemical fiber enterprises have been producing at a low technical level for a long time, water pollution has occurred frequently, the environment has deteriorated seriously, and the cost of pollution control is huge. Affected by these factors, the production cost of chemical fiber products has increased, most enterprises are basically in a state of low profit, and their development is greatly limited. Most of the enterprises tend to develop in inland areas such as the central and western regions

however, the competitive advantage of China's textiles is industrial agglomeration, and the coastal areas are the traditional industrial bases of China's textile industry. If large-scale investment is made to transfer the chemical fiber production capacity, the industrial chain of the traditional bases in the coastal areas may not be connected in time for the general flexible packaging manufacturers, thus affecting the development of the cities in the coastal areas. 4. The development of the sample breaking backyard, making the chemical fiber production capacity transferred from the southeast limited

during the 2018 Beijing International Auto Show, the textile industry was a downstream industry of the chemical fiber industry. Therefore, Chang Yizhi believed that the guiding opinions on promoting the transfer of the textile industry clearly proposed to promote the transfer of the textile industry, which would be conducive to the development of the textile industry in the central and western regions, and would provide a certain market foundation for the industrial transfer of the chemical fiber industry and help the industrial structure adjustment of the chemical fiber industry

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