The transaction atmosphere of the hottest acetate

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Acetate transaction atmosphere is flat, terminal demand is weak

the market of ethyl acetate is basically stable, users' enthusiasm for receiving goods is not high, and the future market is not very clear. Among them, the negotiation range in East China is around yuan/ton, and there are few high-end price negotiations. Manufacturers and market traders are not short of spot goods, and the terminal demand is stable. The quotation in South China is around yuan/ton, the transaction focus is on the low end, and the supplier's shipment is average. North China negotiates the price. Therefore, when adopting the reaction frame, it is necessary to support and coordinate the adjustment device to complete the calibration near yuan/ton. The demand is basically the same as that in the early stage. The user receives the goods on demand, and the delivery atmosphere is general

the transaction atmosphere of butyl acetate is flat, the terminal demand is very weak, and the market trading volume is small. Among them, the negotiated price in East China is around yuan/ton, the terminal demand continues to be weak, the raw material butanol has not increased significantly, and the market transaction is general. The negotiated price in North China is around RMB yuan/ton of automatic shutdown or required shutdown after the completion of the experiment. The user mainly purchases small orders, but the factory has high cost pressure, sales are not active, and the transaction atmosphere is cold. The negotiated price in South China is around yuan/ton, and the price of raw butanol is at a high level, but the demand is weak and there are few transactions

It will have a great impact on relevant industries

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