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The training course on coating formulation design (2012) will be held in Changzhou in July. The training course on coating formulation design (2012) will be held in Changzhou in July. On June 29, 2012, the sponsor of China coating information is organizer:

the magazine of coating industry

the national coating industry information center

the coating and coating special committee of the society of chemical industry of China Co organizer:

bicker chemical technology consulting (Shanghai) Ltd.

cyanate surface technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Dajin fluorocoatings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Dow Coating materials business department

Dow Microbial Control Technology Business Department

DuPont China Group Co., Ltd. titanium dioxide technology business department

Jiangsu Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd.

how to choose when adding some surfactants to PUD will make the resin fog during film formation? The purpose is to improve the shear stability

when the acrylic tree indicator light is on, it indicates that the power supply grease coating (water-based antirust coating) has been searched. Is it necessary to use thickener? What thickener is used

are not suitable for water-based automotive anti-corrosion coatings, which are grinded together and used 190? What is a more suitable wetting dispersant? When grinding without resin, such as 190, how much carbon black should be used

how does the coating shrink? How to solve it? (explain the oil-based paint and water-based paint respectively)

what are the factors that affect the fullness? How to detect fullness

how to realize the black and bright feeling of leather? The film-forming gloss of the coating alone is very good, but the gloss drops seriously after coating on the leather? Why? How to solve it

covering polymer can improve wet covering and stain resistance. What percentage of covering polymer is the best in the formula of ordinary water-based exterior wall

dispersing agent can evaluate the dispersity of pigment by "white dilution". Can this method also be used for anticorrosive paint

is there - Oh or other polar bond on the substrate surface, especially on the steel surface

what is the adding order of additives? What is the adding order of additives and pigments and fillers

what is the research frontier of water-based coatings


see the attachment for the training course arrangement:

you are welcome to interact with the teacher, share your experience with the students, and jointly discuss the infinite mystery of paint formula design

each trainee of the training class brings their own problems encountered in the formulation design. At the Q & a meeting, special technicians will answer the questions concerned by the trainees

the conference union actively develops the optical fiber and cable, optoelectronic materials and Devices Department contact

the magazine of coating industry; Exhibition Department of national coating industry information center

address: No. 22, middle Longjiang Road, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province (213016)

contact person: ye Chaomei (special line for participation and registration)

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