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The transformation and upgrading of Shengze textile industry has increased sharply against the trend. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the profits of Enterprises above Designated Size in the national textile industry in the first November of 2015 increased by 5.9% year-on-year. The data is not optimistic. As a traditional industry, the textile industry has faced the difficulties of rising production factor costs and overcapacity in the past two years

"adhere to the in-depth implementation of the innovation driven development strategy" and "rely on reform and innovation to accelerate the growth of new kinetic energy and the transformation and upgrading of traditional kinetic energy". The central economic work conference, which recently concluded, pointed out the way out for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, with more than 2500 textile enterprises, whose textile industry accounts for 95% of the town's industrial output value, has embarked on a path of innovation. In the first November of 2015, the profit of Shengze Enterprises above designated size increased by 113.9% year-on-year, the warehousing tax of key enterprises above 1million tax increased by 20.52% year-on-year, and the industrial power consumption increased by 3.2% year-on-year

stick to the main business and do textile wholeheartedly

Lao Wang's textile company might have completely broken through if he had not listened to the economist's suggestion of "doing a good job in the main business and adhering to innovation"

in the exhibition hall of the company's new building, colorful fabrics dazzled me. "This kind of fabric for 'skin clothes' is very popular now. It is independently developed by the company and is mainly used for export." Lao Wang took a fabric and said, "we have done experiments. Using this fabric to make down jackets, the down drilling rate is much lower than that of ordinary down jackets."

2010 was the best year for Shengze textile enterprises. Lao Wang said that there were too many orders and sufficient funds at that time. His first thought was to expand production capacity. On the basis of the original plant, he bought hundreds of mu of land from the government. However, the ensuing overcapacity has led to a "reshuffle" in the textile industry. The huge amount of loans and fixed assets made Lao Wang bear a heavy burden

according to statistics, since 2014, 32 textile enterprises have been shut down in Shengze Town, accounting for 1.3% of the total

"however, after careful analysis, these closed down enterprises are not caused by the textile industry. The main reasons are 'three spans'." Zhaojuguan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Shengze Town, said: first, cross industry investment, where business owners engage in "strange" industries other than textiles by transferring working capital and bank loans; Second, cross regional investment, enterprises have stretched the front too long, and failed to achieve the expected results due to the impact of the investment environment; Third, the company has made great strides in investment. The debt ratio of the company is too high. Due to slow investment recovery, short loan cycle and high financing cost, the company has fallen into a capital chain crisis

for Lao Wang, the most fortunate thing is that he still kept a little sober in his once fanatical expansion. He said that in recent years, he resisted the temptation of being a real estate and small loan company, insisted on doing textiles, increased R & D investment, developed a variety of fabrics with independent intellectual property rights, and received a lot of orders. "Thanks to these innovative achievements, we did not fall down in the cold winter."

"the risk does not come from the textile industry itself." Zhaojuguan said that even in the most difficult times, people who really take textile as their root and devote themselves to textile not only have no business difficulties, but also can seize opportunities in adversity and transform and upgrade

equipment upgrading, the trough period is the investment opportunity period

a truck carrying yarn approached the gate of Wujiang Jingyi Special Fiber Co., Ltd. the truck did not stop, the telescopic door opened automatically, and the truck drove out directly. The whole process took about 15 seconds

is there no need to check the goods loaded on the vehicle? "Instead of manually counting the quantity, we have built a set of intelligent warehousing, and directly scan the bar code to complete the whole warehousing process." Chen Lu, deputy general manager of Jingyi group, said

this intelligent warehouse is used by the factory to scan the barcode on the goods, check the quantity, destination and other information, and then weigh the whole vehicle to verify these information. After confirmation, the vehicle can directly drive out of the factory. If the information does not meet the requirements, the door will not be opened. These receipt/issue information will also be synchronously sent to the designated personnel. Chen Lu said that in the past, at least 10 people were required to count the stock in and stock out of nearly 200 tons of raw materials every day, and there were still mistakes. Now only three people are enough

this is only part of the intelligent transformation of the factory by Jingyi group. When you enter the factory, you can't see the numerous textile workers on the assembly line of the traditional spinning factory. Only the eddy current spinning machine operates in an orderly manner, rolling down the yarn spindle by spindle. Once the yarn breaks, the machine arm can be connected by itself. "When I built the factory, I adhered to the principle that as long as I could use the system to complete the work, I would try to use less labor." Chenkeqin, chairman of Jingyi group, introduced that the spinning speed of these vortex spinning machines can reach 450 meters per minute, which is more than 20 times that of traditional spinning machines; The number of employees per 10000 ingots is 9, which is 30% of that of similar domestic enterprises. "Our ultimate goal is to achieve a 'black light factory', so that machines can replace labor, and the production workshop can produce without even turning on the lights."

for enterprises that truly realize transformation and upgrading, the trough period is an opportunity period for investment. Jiali High Fiber Co., Ltd. invested heavily to introduce a full set of Japanese TMT spinning threads. The second phase of the project was completed in 2015, becoming the largest chip spinning differentiated fiber manufacturer in China. "Decades of experience tells us that the more depressed the market is, the better it is to start a project, adjust the structure and promote transformation." Shilianming, chairman of Zhonglian warp knitting company, also said, "at this time, the procurement cost is often lower and the service is better, which is a good time for enterprises to overtake on the curve."

pricing power can only be obtained by formulating standards

"at present, the development of the textile industry is faced with the superposition of many difficulties, and the fundamental solution to the problem lies in scientific and technological innovation. To ensure flexible transmission," said fanjianlong, director of the administrative committee of Wujiang high tech Zone and Secretary of the Party committee of Shengze Town. Only by strengthening product R & D and paying attention to brand construction can Shengze textile industry accelerate its transformation from quantity to quality

"I cancelled the production department completely. These 121 machines are only used for testing." Huangzhixiang, chairman of Suzhou Zhixiang Textile Research Co., Ltd., said that he outsourced all production links to other weaving enterprises on August 9, and the company focused on R & D and sales. Today, the annual R & D expenditure invested by the ambition group accounts for more than 10% of the sales. The four series of new fabrics developed by the group have taken the lead in the industry and become a high-tech enterprise listed on the new third board. "Next, I also want to develop technical standards and lead popular trends, so as to obtain the pricing power of the market."

"in the past, it was difficult to sell textile fabrics because there was no fine standard." Zhaojuguan said that next, relying on "Internet", Shengze will take the lead in formulating textile product standards, so that the color and feel of each fabric can be expressed by the name or data recognized in the industry. Shengze will break the trade bottleneck on textile fabrics, establish a big data platform, and gather more than 2500 enterprises in the town

zhaojuguan said that Shengze will complete "transformation" in 3 to 5 years, and become the world's largest fabric production base, as well as the fabric procurement base with the best quality and the highest grade, truly calling "Shengze is viewed as China's fabric". At present, among the 8.5 billion meters of cloth produced by Shengze every year, more than 2 billion meters are all kinds of popular fabrics

"under the new normal, the development of the textile industry can no longer return to the original extensive development mode relying on land, environment, population and other resources. It must shift from the low end of the value chain to the middle and high end, and from factor driven to innovation driven, so as to support the sustainable development of Shengze textile industry." Fanjianlong said

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