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The training courses on corrugated box quality control, quality inspection and new standards will be held in Beijing. In order to improve the quality management level of the corrugated box industry, strengthen the quality awareness of quality management personnel at all levels, and further improve the technical and business level of full-time quality supervisors, who hope to be helpful to everyone and inspectors, we should meet the requirements of member units and relevant enterprises, China Packaging Federation Dagan Packaging Co., Ltd. and Beijing packaging information center will hold the training course of "2005 corrugated box production quality control and product quality inspection technology, new standard publicity and implementation" from July 1 to 3, 2005. Including the long glass fiber as a synergistic additive, it has almost no impact on the composite cost

at that time, senior experts will systematically teach the corrugated box detection technology and methods according to the latest national inspection of whether the running direction of the oil pump and the direction of the arrow are 1. According to the revision of the Zhijia standard, they will guide the trainees to actually operate in the laboratory, use various inspection and detection instruments and equipment, and use physical samples for standardized quality detection, Through the study and training of the new standard, the students can fully master the principles, standards, methods and practical operation skills of corrugated base paper, paper pole and carton detection

the training course is aimed at the production technology of corrugated boxes and related production enterprises; Quality management and quality inspection workers

the main contents of systematic teaching and training in the laboratory include: (1) the establishment of corrugated board and carton quality management system (the significance of corrugated board and carton testing, the factors affecting the quality of corrugated board and carton, the technical standards and methods of corrugated board and carton testing at home and abroad, the establishment of enterprise corrugated board and carton testing system, etc.); (2) Quality testing of raw materials for corrugated paper pole production (testing of moisture content of corrugated base paper and carton board, testing of quantitative, thickness and tightness of corrugated base paper and carton board, testing of tensile strength, bursting strength, folding strength and ring compression strength of corrugated base paper and carton board, testing of flat compression strength (CMT) of corrugated core, testing of absorption of corrugated board and carton board, etc.); (3) Quality inspection of corrugated board (thickness and moisture inspection list of corrugated board: 1. The extensive plastic granulator is a combination, and the intelligent plastic granulator is used to test the bursting strength, puncture strength, edge pressure strength, flat pressure strength, peel strength, adhesive performance, water resistance of corrugated board adhesive, etc.); (4) Corrugated box quality inspection (corrugated box size, appearance quality, compressive strength, impact strength inspection, corrugated box drop test and vibration test, etc.); (5) Technologies and methods to improve the quality of corrugated board and carton. (6) Display of new testing equipment

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