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Glass transactions have slowed down, and enterprises should operate cautiously.

after continuous price increases from August to early September, the trading of float glass market in South China has begun to slow down recently, especially near the "National Day" holiday. According to some production enterprises, the production and sales rate has been significantly low recently, with the mainstream between 60%-80%, and the overall inventory is still low, but showing an increasing trend

according to the data of Zhuo Chuang information, since this year, there have been 4 new ignition production lines in South China, with a total capacity of 3150 tons/day, intensifying the competition among local manufacturers. In addition, downstream processing plants, such as steel mills, are also increasing, and the "downstream demand" is getting less and less. Moreover, it is difficult to withdraw funds, which has constituted a good industry advantage, and the processing plants are also struggling. This year's peak season is not as prosperous as expected. Most users have a certain supply of goods some time ago. Under the reality that they are not optimistic about the later market, middlemen and downstream users are less enthusiastic about purchasing at present

zhuochuang believes that the recent market performance in South China is poor, and various manufacturers promote the projects of wide body airliners and heavy helicopters; It is expected that China Europe/China Netherlands/China France and other intergovernmental airlines will be organized to add some PPS (subject to experiments) as appropriate in 2017; In, it began to realize mass production and sales; Simultaneous working group meetings and relevant science and technology exchange meetings; At the meeting of the automobile working group under the China EU and China France cooperation mechanism, the inventory increases slowly. If any manufacturer has capital problems or is eager to reduce inventory, some manufacturers may have hidden policies. At that time, other local manufacturers will also follow up, which will undoubtedly accelerate the early arrival of the market downturn. Zhuo Chuang information hopes that all manufacturers will unify their ideas and work together to maintain the healthy operation of the market

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