The transaction in the hottest PE market was weak,

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PE market turnover was weak, PP market growth slowed down

I. overall overview:

[external market observation] as of 15:00 on July 28, China's plastic price index rose 1.72 to 1065.53 points, and China's plastic spot index rose 3.10 points to 1239.12 points

crude oil prices fell and linear futures moved sideways. In the afternoon, the PE USD market quotation fluctuated in a narrow range. The market was flooded with high-priced goods and the quotation was chaotic. Buyers' enquiries decreased and the transaction was weak

the price of crude oil fell sharply, the domestic petrochemical industry began to stabilize after the centralized rise, the optimism of PP market was obvious, the merchants' offer still increased @d belt and tension, but the rise has slowed down, the buyer's inquiry is OK, and the trading volume has increased

ps USD market atmosphere is general, with some materials weakening USD/ton and mainly penetrating benzene. The market demand is weak, the transaction is average, and the wait-and-see mood of merchants continues

abs dollar market is basically stable, with strong wait-and-see sentiment, few transactions, and unsatisfactory terminal demand performance

II. Overview of the market:

Kuwait linear 7050, with traders offering us $1420/ton, spot, Shanghai bonded warehouse

Iran high voltage lt0470kj, with traders offering us $1635/ton, l/c90 days, CFR main port, August shipment date

Qamar linear fd21hn of Saudi Arabia, with traders offering us $1420/ton, l/c90 days, CFR Shanghai, shipment in August

Thailand PTT low-pressure wire drawing 5000S, with a trader's offer of US $1480/ton. At sight, CFR Qingdao can be divided into low alloy steel (total alloy element content B. medium alloy steel (5% ≤ total alloy element content ≤ 10%); c. High alloy steel (10% of the total alloy elements), etc. will arrive in August

Malaysia Datang low-voltage wire drawing hm5000, with traders offering us $1480/ton, spot, CFR Shanghai, shipment in August

the South Korean supplier quoted the price of PP copolymer grade for the shipment of ppaugust at USD 1600/ton, at sight, CFR main port of China, and shipment in August

III. Trend Outlook:

today, the PE dollar market has not changed much. Businesses have seen the upward pressure brought by poor transactions, and most offers are stable. After the buyer's inquiry atmosphere weakened, the transaction was rarely heard. This rise is basically driven by the upstream. If the downstream transaction is not ideal, the market will inevitably have the risk of consolidation and correction. It is expected that in tomorrow's market, the atmosphere of inquiry and transaction will be weak, and the market will tend to stabilize

in today's PP USD market, the link of merchants' offer: the increase has slowed down, and some merchants continue to raise their quotations to test the market response. Recently, Taiwan and India have had frequent accidents, stimulating the market's intention to take goods. The inquiry has improved, and the buyer's firm offer has followed up. As for the recent trend, due to the small supply of goods in the market, many businesses believe that the current price is still likely to rise, and have a strong bullish mentality. It is expected that the high level will be maintained in the short term to improve some properties of the resin: improve rigidity, heat resistance and electrical insulation; Swing up

the abs/ps market is basically stable. The market continues to be stable under the support of tight goods and upstream costs, with some adjustments. There is no obvious positive boost in the downstream market. It is expected to focus on short-term or narrow range consolidation. We will continue to wait for the news to be clear

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