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Oil price falls, mergers and acquisitions in the energy industry rise, hedge funds enter the market to copy the bottom

oil price falls, mergers and acquisitions in the energy industry rise, hedge funds enter the market to copy the bottom

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the sharp fall in international oil prices brings challenges and opportunities, is it bottom reading or continue to wait? At this time, some large oil companies with abundant funds began to look for opportunities, and the tide of mergers and acquisitions in the global energy industry was imminent

M & A expectations are rising

in the past six months, international oil prices have almost halved, and the share prices of related energy companies have also fallen again and again. However, some energy companies began to actively seek mergers and acquisitions opportunities. Repsol of Spain recently bought talisman energy, Canada's fifth largest independent oil producer, for $13billion, which is seen as a prelude to a series of mergers and acquisitions. There is also market news that Royal Dutch Shell is preparing to acquire BP, which will become a "super merger" in the global oil industry

yesterday, market news pointed out that Japan's second largest oil refining enterprise, sunrise, is negotiating with its smaller competitor Showa shell oil company for acquisition, and sunrise plans to spend US $4.2 billion to acquire Showa shell

some analysts said that historically, when oil prices fell to the trough, the response of the energy industry was that companies in the industry would launch a series of mergers and acquisitions. BMO capital markets, an investment bank, said that once oil prices stabilize and begin to strengthen, the current environment will promote a series of mergers and acquisitions in the field of European crude oil exploration and production. In the late 1990s, the sharp decline in oil prices prompted the super oil majors to launch a wave of mergers and acquisitions. At that time, BP bought Amoco and Atlantic Richfield, the American oil company, and Chevron bought Texaco, which left only fiveorsix large comprehensive enterprises in the industry, while the life and death of many small companies depended on whether they could find "backers" and produce new products

In addition to the wave of mergers and acquisitions in the energy industry, some investment tycoons also began to look for opportunities to improve the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and prevent and control environmental pollution under the background that the price of oil has also fallen sharply due to the waves surging up by the invisible hands of the market. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, which is the only one in the industry, recently announced the acquisition of charter brokerage from private equity firm Arsenal capital partners, but the specific content was not disclosed. It is reported that charter brokerage is a third-party logistics provider serving the petroleum and chemical industry, mainly serving the petroleum and related industries in North America. Schwarzman, chairman of Blackstone Group, said that now is the best time to invest in the energy industry. After all, the experimental equipment is metal products. Some energy enterprises will be restructured and some will be eliminated, which will become the best investment opportunities

in the European stock market trading stage yesterday, international oil prices rose for the second consecutive trading day, with London Brent crude oil futures rising as high as 2% in the session. Previously, Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer of the organization of petroleum exporting countries, said that global economic development would stimulate demand and was confident of the rebound in crude oil prices

in fact, many hedge funds have begun to bargain hunting. According to the data of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the net long position of WTI oil price in the United States increased by 14% in the week ended December 16, the largest increase since February this year. In the past three weeks, the net long crude oil positions of fund managers have increased by 34%

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