The hottest oil price broke through the range and

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The oil price broke through the range and looked weak in the later stage

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NYMEX crude oil index

NYMEX crude oil index trend chart. (chart source: Wenhua Finance)

requirements, principles and maintenance methods of daily maintenance of Shanghai oil cold and heat shock testing machine index

trend chart of Shanghai oil index. (chart source: Wenhua Finance)

after a long period of adjustment, the international crude oil price reappeared its downward trend this week. The NYMEX crude oil index broke through the bottom support of the early shock range of $60, and closed down $4.59 to $58.93 a week from last week, closing below $60. The worry about market demand caused by the economic recession is still the main factor that depresses the crude oil price. Although the price of Asian fuel oil (the counter should pay attention to the set magnification of 2386,50.00,2.14% at the beginning and regularly change the filter element and hydraulic oil according to the actual use of the machine) remained stable this week, the domestic spot price continued to weaken. Affected by this, Shanghai oil broke the previous price consolidation range ahead of the international crude oil price, and the demand for decline was strong. The Shanghai oil index fell 145 points to 2353 points a week, Technically, it effectively broke through 2500 important support points, and the downward trend is relatively clear

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