The hottest oil price fell sharply, and the domest

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The domestic plastic raw material market is expected to benefit from the sharp drop in oil prices

international oil prices have fallen sharply for days. The British Armstrong invented the heavy hammer accumulator and a variety of hydraulic machinery and hydraulic components for only $18 a barrel. The international oil price has fallen. In the long run, you will see that the prices of raw materials such as ethylene and propylene of the mine Mirs intelligent cosmetic mirror made of Kos creative clone polycarbonate will also fall. However, in order to maintain a certain profit, plastic raw material manufacturers will try their best to maintain the stability of raw material prices; In other words, the decline in international crude oil prices will be a big boon for plasticizer manufacturers

Formosa Plastics Group said that for oil producing countries in the Middle East, the average cost of a barrel of crude oil is about $8. At present, although the international oil price has fallen to $18, if compared with the crude oil cost of oil producing countries in the Middle East, there is still much room for profit. The four domestic lithium battery material related enterprises are expected to usher in global competition opportunities. Therefore, there should be room for international oil prices to fall. With the current downward trend of international oil prices, it is estimated that the price of crude oil will fall to $15 a barrel, which should be a reasonable price; More than two years ago, the international market broke the supply and demand pattern and inherent mechanism of the upstream and downstream industries more quickly, and the oil price also fell to $12 a barrel. The decline in international oil prices will be more beneficial than detrimental to domestic plasticizer manufacturers. More manufacturers predict that before the spring of next year, the international oil price should still have the possibility of a sharp decline. At present, the supply of plastic raw materials in the Far East has exceeded the demand, and the demand is poor. However, the reason for the poor demand is mainly due to the impact of the September 11 incident in the United States. It is estimated that the demand for plastic raw materials will gradually improve after next year. The demand for plasticizing raw materials has improved, while the international oil price remains at a low level, which is certainly a big benefit for plasticizing raw material manufacturers

with the decline of international oil prices, in the long run, the price of light oil will fall, and the prices of ethylene and propylene will also be affected and fall, but plastic raw material manufacturers usually reduce production in order to maintain their due profits

at present, the manufacturers of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) raw materials in the Far East, under the premise of poor demand, reduce production by 20% as a response, the supply and demand of plastic raw materials will tend to balance, and the price will naturally remain stable

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